My Life As Art

I’ve been feeling a bit more on edge lately. With school recently announced that its over for this school year, I am feeling grateful, but also very conscious of what that means for our kids in a totally different way. I have read of the new CDC Guidelines for re-opening a school and it makesContinue reading “My Life As Art”

Are You Ready?

Are you ready to get some oils into your home? To experience the doTERRA difference? You’ve given to your loved ones this Christmas and Holiday Season, Its time to give back to yourself! 250 and 85 drops per bottle ~ 1-2 drops per use ~ Pennies per drop Are you ready? Contact me today! PMContinue reading “Are You Ready?”

10 Essential Oils With Over 100+ Uses | 3 Days of Savings For YOU!

Whether its bugs, headaches, muscle aches and pains, cuts, bruises, skin irritation, sleep, digestive discomfort, respiratory support, immune boosting and so much more with either of these kits you will be prepared in your home whenever a health challenge or illness arises! Be prepared with these natural wellness tools for you and your family –Continue reading “10 Essential Oils With Over 100+ Uses | 3 Days of Savings For YOU!”

Prepare Your Family with Back To School Essential Oils! | Make & Take and Online Classes

Forget the notebooks, pencils and even the rulers! Instead, focus on the primary Essential Oils that will help your child THRIVE this school year with enhanced health, focus, energy and vitality! We have two wonderful classes available this week to meet your needs! We’ve had a great response for our Back To School with EssentialContinue reading “Prepare Your Family with Back To School Essential Oils! | Make & Take and Online Classes”

Back To School Essential Oil Kits | Only Until August 31st!

I am excited to offer these fabulous back to school essential oil kits which will empower you within your home and family to strengthen your immune system, provide a calming and relaxing sensation, uplift and invigorate and so much more! Its so incredibly important to invest in yourself and your health! Best investment Ive everContinue reading “Back To School Essential Oil Kits | Only Until August 31st!”

Breathe Easy, Boost your Immunity and Relax this August | Special Gift August 15th

My Oily mail arrived! See those 5 oils laying down… those were ALL free this month with my 160PV order!!! Easy Air (Breathe) Douglas Fir Lemon Lavender Peppermint I ordered our supplements, shampoo, conditioner, cleaner concentrate and those oils standing up… they were free with points šŸ˜‰ We diffuse daily and nightly so these oilsContinue reading “Breathe Easy, Boost your Immunity and Relax this August | Special Gift August 15th”

Preparing for back to School | Focus & Immune Boost

With back to school a little over a month away this month is amazing to stock up on the “Back to School” Essentials! These 4 items are what I would consider key for back to school! Fractionated Coconut Oil is what we use as a “carrier” for the essential oils. This provides the oil aContinue reading “Preparing for back to School | Focus & Immune Boost”

The FIRST Day Of School | Back To School 2015

  Well today was the day, I feel like we were lucky and had an extra week of “summer break” and a fabulous end to summer holidays with a wicked hot weekend! Lucky for us we got to spend it with a whole lot of family at our family cottage swimming in the water andContinue reading “The FIRST Day Of School | Back To School 2015”

Summer (fun) lovin into fabulous (responsible) fall!

Ive always love being busy, love having a to-do list, however with my hours being re-arranged with back to school and new work responsibilities (that Im loving) Im slowly but surely fitting into this adjusted role of a fulltime working mom while still enjoying my photography as well (my sanity saver lol). Summer is suchContinue reading “Summer (fun) lovin into fabulous (responsible) fall!”