The Opinions of Others

I was allowing the opinion of someone affect my energy and how I was feeling. In that moment, I gave away my own power because of someone else’s words, their opinion. I told myself it was no big deal, which it really wasn’t, yet it felt like such a heavy weight! Someone else and theirContinue reading “The Opinions of Others”

Sharing My Heart | My Healthy Transformation

I felt inspired to share my heart today, and in a video ! A beautiful friend reached out to me about my own journey and curious if I could share my own personal journey with a friend of her’s who also has PCOS. Of course I said yes and that’s when I thought, its timeContinue reading “Sharing My Heart | My Healthy Transformation”

The Missing Pieces of the Puzzle

We are well underway with our next and final stages of renovations to our home. Its been a wild ride, but also so humbling. Yesterday was a big step in this process and as I stood looking at our house, this was my exact thought “This was the missing piece to our puzzle”. Truth beContinue reading “The Missing Pieces of the Puzzle”

Guard Your Heart | Keep Your Walls Up

Yesterday I fell into a trap. A negative trap. That as soon as I did, I knew it just sucked my energy down in a very big way! We were at a local hockey game, I left after the 1st period to grab some groceries and came back to see the last period. Unfortunately, IContinue reading “Guard Your Heart | Keep Your Walls Up”

The Power of Perspective

Yesterday late afternoon I was thinking about what a great day it had been. My daughter and I were SO productive accomplishing even more than what I had thought we could. Simply by doing it and not even thinking about it. Im a lists person and sometimes those damn lists can be the devil’s fuelContinue reading “The Power of Perspective”

She’s Got Good Gene’s

I heard this song on the radio as I was driving. When you are really in tune with yourself, some things will stand out and for some reason this one really did! I had to laugh when I heard it because I literally do have good jeans that I love – I haven’t had “goodContinue reading “She’s Got Good Gene’s”

That little nudge

We all have experienced that little nudge feeling before in our lives. Many of us perhaps didn’t know it was our own self trying to get our own attention. That gut feeling, the little voice in our head, thinking of something and seeing it… My why began as my children, I was doing it forContinue reading “That little nudge”