Saugeen Shores Pumpkinfest Photography Contest… 2 first places & a third!!!

I received an awesome phone call today from the lovely people at Saugeen Shores who run the annual Pumpkinfest! Last year I was pretty darn excited for winning 2nd place for this photo below. I seriously LOVE this photo. This year I almost have no words… I have received 2 – 1st place photograph’s andContinue reading “Saugeen Shores Pumpkinfest Photography Contest… 2 first places & a third!!!”

Celebrated World Photography Day … in my own backyard!

A few times this year Ive taken some time to walk around and truly take in the beauty of our own yard – flowers, grass, trees and yes even weeds – some are gorgeous! Last night in honour of World Photography Day, I did just that… wonder around and I was very pleased with theContinue reading “Celebrated World Photography Day … in my own backyard!”

Timeless. Ballet. Dance Like No One Is Watching.

There is something about black and white images that just make them so timeless. I made my girl a promise that I would blow a photo up large for her room, same for my boy of him playing hockey. The first and fourth are my very favourite of our girl! A very successful weekend ofContinue reading “Timeless. Ballet. Dance Like No One Is Watching.”

Just Dance… The Little Mermaid Presented By The Dance Academy!

Our little lady was in dance this fall/winter and they had their first recital this weekend to finish off the year. Very proud mama moment! She has another show tomorrow, however today we had a lot of my side of the family join us for her recital and then dinner after, was truly very special!Continue reading “Just Dance… The Little Mermaid Presented By The Dance Academy!”

A winter morning of appreciation

I used to be the photographer who was only about family and what the kids did, until I began pushing myself to appreciate and enjoy everything else I could be photographing. It truly is amazing when you feel yourself reach that point of just being a “mom with a camera” to being a photographer (ofContinue reading “A winter morning of appreciation”

Zmija Family Rules … A Happy Home

I have always loved the family rules sayings, came close to buying one yesterday, however the photographer in me wanted it custom to our family! Love… the order has been placed! I cannot wait to receive my canvas 🙂

“Sunrise” Won 2nd Place – Saugeen Shores Pumpkin Fest!

I am so very excited to share that my photo received 2nd place in the Saugeen Shores Pumpkin Fest Photo Contest in the Sunset/Sunrise Adult Category!!! My Photo will be printed and displayed at Pumpkin Fest 2012 on both Saturday and Sunday!!!

Summer beauty in our own back yard, camera club & photography industry

Its hard to believe that we have lived here for almost a year! We are just a month away. Yesterday after hubby was done work, we spent the evening as a family enjoying the back yard, the kids were playing, then fighting, then playing lol, we enjoyed a few drinks, a great bbq supper ofContinue reading “Summer beauty in our own back yard, camera club & photography industry”

Enjoying Mother Earth ~ #Photography on #EarthDay

I love when I have the opportunity to drive and just take photos, stop wherever my heart desires and shoot. I really shoot have a sign on my van that says {Photographer At Work} for those wondering why this crazy lady keeps pulling over so much or why Im hoping the guardrail or sucking myselfContinue reading “Enjoying Mother Earth ~ #Photography on #EarthDay”