The Power of Now | Forgiveness

There is a clear reason why I picked up this book a few months ago. Especially as we are approaching week 5 of hanging out at home in between the husband and I working each day. I’ve felt myself slip a few times. Emotional eating, insomnia, feelings of worry. Yesterday and this morning, mother natureContinue reading “The Power of Now | Forgiveness”

A Patience Reminder

Earlier today I heard the radio announcer say that we were in a rainfall warning with up to 25mm of rain. I instantly went negative. The rain, and alot of it, is still a big trigger for me. The more I’ve learned about PTSD, the more dots Ive connected. We have all been through highsContinue reading “A Patience Reminder”

Rescue Kitty Life

We were so fortunate to find our little missy through a local pet rescue. When I was growing up, my grama used to help stray cats. In fact many of her own house cats were ones she rescued off the back deck. My sister and I enjoyed helping her with them, especially socializing them! AtContinue reading “Rescue Kitty Life”