A Love That Began 14 Years Ago | May 6, 2015

Each year as I reflect on the past years together – WOW 14 – I am amazed at not only how far we’ve grown but also everything we’ve over come. Each day truly is a journey together and everyday a new page added to our book of life. We’ve shared a lot of love, aContinue reading “A Love That Began 14 Years Ago | May 6, 2015”

Celebrating our love | Anniversary Getaway

20121027-328C5940-WM, a photo by {Pamela Zmija Photography} on Flickr. In September we celebrated being married for 8 years!!! A true accomplishment! A work or art that is never complete. These weekend getaways that are so refreshing for us! Even if we miss our kids like crazy lol while thinking of those times we said weContinue reading “Celebrating our love | Anniversary Getaway”

11 years ago… the first day of the rest of our life together!

In a way it doesn’t feel like its been “so” long and yet in another way it feels like its been forever that we’ve know each other. I remember the weekend we met like it did happen yesterday, I never would have thought going to see my cousins car race in Conneticuit would end upContinue reading “11 years ago… the first day of the rest of our life together!”