For MOM’s who need ENERGY & PEACE!

I love to present people with incredible value for their hard earned dollars. Especially those mom’s who are craving more energy and peace in their life! For any of my PCOS Moms or ADHD Mom’s… this is especially for YOU!!! This is such a great value to bring you with incredible savings. I will beContinue reading “For MOM’s who need ENERGY & PEACE!”

When it all begins to make sense…

Chatting with a friend the other day, I made a comment about how our next reno phase had begun and her immediate response (in a loving way of course) was wow another one!? I began responding without even thinking about HOW I was going to respond. I just began typing. We’ve all been affected inContinue reading “When it all begins to make sense…”

Boost Your Fertility | Women’s Health

Are you trying to get pregnant? Are your cycles all over the map? Are you dealing with pain and discomfort? I was challenged with Infertility years before doTERRA. Thankfully we were blessed with two beautiful children but it was HARD emotionally and physically on my body. In 2011 I had a hysterectomy due to toContinue reading “Boost Your Fertility | Women’s Health”

When I Feel My Anxiety Levels Begin To Rise

My anxiety levels have been increasing lately, slowly but surely. I could feel that I was feeling ‘off’ however kept telling myself “its not a big deal”. Change IS a big deal. Even when change is good. Even when change is “small” Change, I am realizing is challenging to our family – even when itsContinue reading “When I Feel My Anxiety Levels Begin To Rise”

AromaTouch Diffused Kit | Essential Oils & Diffuser

Are you ready to incorporate doTERRA Essential Oils into your home?  Let me introduce you to this beautiful cost-effective kit which includes 8 of our popular oils, Fractionated Coconut Oil (for topical oil use) a diffuser, resource book AND a full year wholesale pricing of 25% off any future purchases PLUS personal support and on-goingContinue reading “AromaTouch Diffused Kit | Essential Oils & Diffuser”

But “Healthy Products” Are Expensive!?

How many times have you heard “dōTERRA is expensive”? Or what about “being healthy is expensive”? Quality matters in all areas of our life – in our home, for our bodies, our food, the clothes we wear, the beds we sleep in, furniture we sit on, plans we fly in and vehicles we drive! QualityContinue reading “But “Healthy Products” Are Expensive!?”

Are You Ready For A Change?

Have you been quietly watching from the sidelines, curious about how to incorporate oils into your life!? Perhaps cost was something holding you back – I get it I have a family myself! 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 From NOVEMBER 1-20 only SAVE 20% on these kits!!! 🙌 Home Essentials is regularly $330 Cdn + hst… In November youContinue reading “Are You Ready For A Change?”

Embrace The Celebration That You Are!

Change can happen in so many ways – physical, emotional, our home, our lifestyle, learning, education, work and the list goes on and on… this mothers day became something more for me. My children came into our bedroom and told me I was to stay in bed and not get out! They took my breakfastContinue reading “Embrace The Celebration That You Are!”

Why Every Home Needs These Top 10 Essential Oils!

Why Every Home Needs These Top 10 Essential Oils!  I will be honest, I wasn’t raised all natural, it wasn’t until a few years ago when I was struggling (again) with my health and my children were having their own challenges when we discovered the natural healing power of doTERRA Essential Oils! Every single personContinue reading “Why Every Home Needs These Top 10 Essential Oils!”

WILD SPRING GIVEAWAY!!! | Win a Petal Diffuser & Wild Orange Essential Oil

The WILD SPRING GIVEAWAY is now LIVE in my Facebook group!!! You could WIN a 15ml bottle of WILD ORANGE Essential Oil AND a PETAL DIFFUSER! Click the image above to go directly to my group! To enter you must be a part of our team “Your Life As Art Essentials Community” OR new toContinue reading “WILD SPRING GIVEAWAY!!! | Win a Petal Diffuser & Wild Orange Essential Oil”