How To Use Essential Oils

This is custom for everyone in how you will use your own oils in your home. However there are 3 main ways to use doTERRA oils – Topical, Aromatic and Internal.

Topical means on your skin and I recommend doing so with a carrier oil of your choice. Depending on your skin type and sensitivity you want to select a carrier oil that will absorb nicely into your skin and not cause any harsh reactions. One we enjoy using is Coconut Oil. When you use coconut oil with doTERRA Essential Oils it helps slow the absorption of the oils into your skin and also prevents the oils from evaporating before you enjoy the benefits! When used topically oils are able to get into your blood stream quite quickly and begin getting to work!

Aromatic is another fav way we use our oils… Think of the sprays you can purchase to spray around your house to “rid odour”… Welcome the purest, highest quality essential oils and transform the air in your home! doTERRA Essential Oils have the ability to cleanse the air in your home – honestly they work SO good! Not only to make your house or business smell incredible, but to clean the air too!  The truest test I have put our diffuser through is at our shop when the smell from our septic truck begins making its way into the back shop. Purify and Wild Orange in the diffuser fixes this almost instantly!

YES! doTERRA Oils CAN be used interally with incredible benefits! This is ALL our family has been using since 2014 for immune boosting, cold, flu etc!!! When I used to reach for expensive over the counter options, I remember feeling like I was sick all.the.time! Seriously it sucked. No more… these oils are powerful, natural and completely safe. Just remember to look at the bottle before ingesting, there are some oils that we do not ingest… think trees 😉

We have a beautiful variety of essential oils. I LOVE our collection and use the various oils daily (especially with my kiddos)! Below is a glimpse into what the Top 10 Oils can do for you in your home!! Amazing isn’t it!!!

Check out My Top 12 Essential Oils!

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