Frequently Asked Questions

Are essential oils safe to use on kids?
YES! We have been using doTERRA Essential Oils on our children for over 5 years now. They have truly benefited our children’s health!

Are essential oils safe to use around animals?
Since using oils in our home our cat, bird and dog have been fine! In fact the dog enjoys laying with his head below the diffuser. Our home (and bodies) are also cleaned with essential oils! Best recommendation is never lock an animal in a room, allow them to come and go freely. Some oils should not be used on animals, especially cats.

Is there really a difference in quality? Why can’t I buy oils at the grocery or hardware store?
YES there is a BIG difference! The essential oil industry is not regulated, which means anyone can produce and claim an oil is “pure” even when it is not. Many of the oils found in these stores are not what the bottle says (based on testing). Always use a brand you trust. I personally have chosen to align with doTERRA because they are transparent, they empower farmers who produce the oils, the testing is extensive and the product speaks for itself because it works! When you are purchasing a bottle of oils you are literally paying pennies per drop! Which makes it extremely affordable!

Why do I need a wholesale membership account?
I know hearing “membership” can freak people out, you are not signing up for things to automatically be sent to you – its completely YOUR choice! The benefit is you have the opportunity to save 25% on your orders for a full year. You also have the option to earn free products (some are oils not available any other way!). You also can earn points on what you purchase – even if you do not purchase each month you can earn 1/2 your shipping back on your orders – it all adds up and can result in free products which is awesome! If you choose to place monthly orders (supplements, cleaning supplies, oils, beauty products etc) you can earn even more points. Its honestly how we restock alot of our oils! 😉

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