Purchase doTERRA Essential Oils 

I sell doTERRA Essential Oils and Health Products by empowering women and families to live their best life!

As your doTERRA Wellness Advocate I will ensure you receive the best value for your money, but also as a mother I know the importance of keeping things simple, offering lifelong support and friendship for using your doTERRA products! I support those as close as my neighbours and across the world in Australia, Europe and even our neighbours to the south in the United States! With technology and oils our doTERRA Family continues to grow!

The best way to purchase doTERRA is with wholesale pricing! This means you get 25% off everything doTERRA has and the option to save an additional 30% with their Loyalty Rewards Program!

Already know what you want and just need your oils to get started!? If you love the online shopping experience this is how you can place your order yourself with the steps below – OR – check out some of the Enrollment Kits below for a really awesome deal!!! UPDATED SPRING 2023 – ALL Enrollment fee’s for new accounts waived!!!

  1. Visit my website at https://www.doterra.com/CA/en/site/pamelazmija
  2. Click on Join & Save at the top.
  3. The next page explains all the benefits to being a Wellness Advocate with doTERRA. Being a wellness advocate can be something you use personally, to share doTERRA with others or to build a business. The choice is up to you!
    Click on Join doTERRA at the bottom.
  4. The next page select your language and country then hit continue.
    Canadians now have the option to select a kit or products from the US or Canada.
    Select your option and then hit continue.
  5. Select Wholesale Prices and hit continue.
  6. This page now collects all of your personal data. Once you have filled it in, click on continue.
  7. This page is where you will now select items for your order! The kits are truly the best value.  You will have kit options as well as singular products. If you would like a kit, select the kit from the top row, use the arrow to go through the various kits. Click on add to cart when you have chosen the one you would like.
  8. If you would like to add additional products to your first order (also at 25% off) there is a box under the heading “My 1st Order Cart” where you can type in the name of the product.If you would like to select products a la carte select the CA Single Intro Enrollment Packet and then add options under the heading “My 1st Order Cart”. 
  9. Once you are complete entering your order at the bottom click Process Order Now & Continue.
  10. The next page will give you the option to set up a Loyalty Rewards Order – this is an optional program with the opportunity to earn back 30% of what you order!

Once you have completed the process you will be set up with your wholesale membership! I will receive an email with your information and will send you out my welcome package 🙂

If you need assistance at anytime please feel free to connect with me – I am here for you!

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