Why doTERRA Essential Oils

As a Wellness Advocate and Team Leader I have made a commitment within myself and my doTERRA Family to support and educate the safe use of doTERRA Essential Oils. I regularly participate in team training’s and meetings as well as provide in home or online educational classes. These oils and products have had such a significant impact on my own life as well as my family’s, I am excited to empower others within their own homes as well and mentor them on their own personal journey to health and wellness!



I was looking for a natural option to support our son to be the best he could be. In June 2014 I attended a Mood Management Class in our community and that night changed our lives!

I have a lot of respect for the health care professionals and our country’s health care we have available to us – when we need it! By living a more natural and healthier life – our immune systems strengthen, our bodies become healthier and we are less likely to require medical attention – unless in an emergency situation. I personally am a living example!

One of the biggest reasons I was drawn to the doTERRA Essential Oils is their quality and testing procedures for each and every single batch of oils. doTERRA is an Essential Oil company, however its largely based on the science behind our oils which have truly set doTERRA apart! I feel very confident in knowing that our family is only using products which are pure, potent and backed by multiple testings to ensure!


  1. CPTG – doTERRA Termed “Certified Pure Tested Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils. This means every single batch must meet these testing procedures! This is a 4 step, 11 methods of testing quality control procedure! The CPTG Difference with Dr Cody Beaumont.
  2. Source To You – doTERRA works closely with Growers, Distillers, Scientists, Practitioners and YOU! Curious what goes into each batch? Check out this website for the GCMS Quality Reports! There is a lot number on the bottom of every bottle!
  3. Co-Impact Sourcing“doTERRA responsibly partners with artisans from over 40 countries who champion the best seeds, soil and growing environments. In these exclusive partnerships, we know the earliest details matter” (STY).  “More than half of which could be considered developing countries. To ensure that small scale farmers and harvesters in disadvantaged areas are treated ethically, dōTERRA has introduced an initiative called Cō-Impact Sourcing. Cō-Impact Sourcing is an initiative that seeks to develop long-term, mutually beneficial supplier partnerships while creating sustainable jobs and providing reliable income in underdeveloped areas. dōTERRA is committed to the ethical treatment of its suppliers by providing on-time payments at fair prices. Growers and harvesters are encouraged to form cooperative groups to share collective benefits and bargaining power while improving skills and capacity.” (Source)

  4. Healing Hands Foundation – The Healing Hands foundation is committed to bettering the lives of others all over the world through donations by the company, members and product sales. These community based projects are improving the lives all over the world where our oils are sourced. From water wells, homes, schools, hygiene products, medical clinics and more! “Our Healing Hands Foundation seeks to bring healing and hope to the world as we work to make possible lives free of disease and poverty, ultimately teaching people everywhere to be self reliant.” (Source)
  5. doTERRA is a Science Based CompanyDr. Hill and his team are managing 113 relationships with leading research universities, clinical structures and hospitals around the world! doTERRA is at the forefront of essential oil science! doTERRA has assembled a medical advisory board of top experts in fields ranging from dentistry to orthopedic surgery.  (SourcedoTERRA is the first and only essential oil company with these partnerships!
  6. The Community – Our doTERRA Family is truly an open hearted community. My own life has been enriched and opened with the support and love to live a healthy life and also grow and develop into the true ME! When you begin your essential oil journey with doTERRA you gain friends within an educational community – for life!  doTERRA’s corporate caring mission is:  At the core of doTERRA is the desire and drive to help others help themselves. Through our charitable foundation, the doTERRA Healing Hands Foundation, as well as our efforts in our community, we seek to help people improve their lives. We invite you to learn more about how we strive to do our part through community projects, corporate sponsorships, and what the many independent distributors known as Wellness Advocates are doing to make a difference. (Source)


Our doTERRA Story. 

After almost a year of using doTERRA Essential Oils and realizing the incredible capabilities of these oils I jumped into the business side and am LOVING the personal growth and development that comes along with it! I am committed to supporting those who are a part of my doTERRA community. As a team leader I regularly take part in leadership training, doTERRA Corporate Events and personal development.

These oils and supplements have naturally supported my body balancing naturally while living with PCOS and Hypothyroidism. The oils are used daily in our home for healthy, natural physical health and emotional aromatherapy support.

Our Essential Oils are the first thing we go to in our home from:

  • Used in Aromatherapy to help relieve headache.*
  • Used in Aromatherapy to help relieve colds and coughs.*
  • Use as a carminative or antispasmodic for symptomatic relief of digestive discomfort.*
  • Used in Aromatherapy for symptomatic relief of acne, boils, eczema, and dermatitis.*
  • Used to relieve minor skin irritation.*
  • Used to relieve cuts.*
  • Apply to relieve bruises.*
  • Used to relieve burns.*
  • Promotes healthy cell function,
  • Powerful cleansing and purifying agent,
  • Natural insect repellent,
  • Protects the body from harmful elements while supporting normal cell activity,
  • Protects against common threats in the environment,
  • Relaxes muscles and soothes joins,
  • Promotes circulation,
  • Helps to calm and soothe target areas,
  • Creates a sense of calm and well-being,
  • Assists with clear breathing and supports overall respiratory health,
  • Acts as a cooling agent for the skin,
  • Promotes mental alertness,
  • Enhances memory function,
  • Reduces stress and tension,
  • Promotes healthy, clear skin,
  • Uplifts mood, lessens sad and anxious feelings,
  • Eases occasional indigestion,
  • Maintains an optimal gastrointestinal balance,
  • Calms occasional stomach upset  and  SO much more!
    * Claim is an approved Natural Health Product

The addition of these oils to our life has been an amazing transformation to a much simpler and healthier life.

A very important factor is to remember that although essential oils are amazing and have unlimited capabilities – they are not miracle makers! doTERRA Essential Oils do not treat or cure – they support the body’s natural processes and are a great addition to living a natural life along with require adequate sleep and eating healthy. Consistency is another important thing to remember when using natural holistic options for yourself and/or your family. With on going natural support for your body, you will become stronger and healthier – this is exactly what we have found for ourselves!

Growing up and working within our family business, which is dedicated to Home Comfort, the addition of essential oils to our life felt very natural, as with our diffusers and essential oils we are improving the quality of our home comfort as well as our own individual well-being.

A part of me evolved, and continues to evolve everyday, from when I became a user of doTERRA Essential Oils – I am much more in tune with my body, how I am feeling and I have a lot more energy. I do attribute much of that to the new lifestyle we are living and  the toxins we have eliminated from our daily life.

Next to my health… these little’s are my biggest and strongest WHY!

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Are you ready to learn how you too can empower yourself and your family in the comfort of your home!?

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I am truly amazed at the well being and healing properties of Essential Oils and am so glad I opened my mind and attended the class that night! I would be happy to share my experience with you!


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