Inspiring Words for YOU!

This time of year is so special. It brings people together, there is Love, laughing, good food and drinks! All the memories made fill the heart with even more love and happiness. It’s also the time of year “Life” can feel even more stressful and heavy with whatever you may be challenged with in additionContinue reading “Inspiring Words for YOU!”

10 Things To Say To Empower Yourself! 

What do you say to yourself?  We’ve all done it, have felt inadequate or worried what others will think…  Let’s turn these 10 things you should never say into 10 amazing positive things you should say to empower yourself!  What will they think of me. -> I LOVE INSPIRING AND EMPOWERING OTHERS! I’m so embarrassed I couldContinue reading “10 Things To Say To Empower Yourself! “

As we grow…

A great post for a Sunday, a day in which most of us spend with our family. I do and its a day I look forward to each week to just kick back and relax together with a lazy morning, coffee, late breakfast and time with those I love. I love these words, these wordsContinue reading “As we grow…”