What Have Your Children Taught You?

Just before Christmas my family and I were getting ready to head out to one of our family Christmases and before leaving we were taking a family photo since we were all dressed nice and the snow was absolutely beautiful in the backyard. During our coordination I misplaced my camera remote control. I knew IContinue reading “What Have Your Children Taught You?”

Gracefully Move Through Change

It wasn’t that long ago that I was feeling really intensely bogged down by… life! Tonight while waiting for dinner to finish cooking, I was doing the dishes. I was thinking about how things finally feel like they are truly falling into place. We made one decision this week – to take a deep breathContinue reading “Gracefully Move Through Change”

Embrace The Celebration That You Are!

Change can happen in so many ways – physical, emotional, our home, our lifestyle, learning, education, work and the list goes on and on… this mothers day became something more for me. My children came into our bedroom and told me I was to stay in bed and not get out! They took my breakfastContinue reading “Embrace The Celebration That You Are!”

Connecting With The Kids | Evening Oil Massages

My kids love oil massages. I love that even as they are getting older we can still connect this way. The other night they needed a little bit ‘more’ emotional support. I followed my own intuition to select the oils to use with them. It absolutely warms my heart that they enjoy our nightly oilsContinue reading “Connecting With The Kids | Evening Oil Massages”

A day for mama and the boy… Quality time at Storybook Park!

Thursday I took the day off work to spend it with my little man. I was joining his school class trip … to storybook park! It’s rare that mama gets alone time with her boy, as if daddy is home he loves to be by his side. We had a great day together! He is such aContinue reading “A day for mama and the boy… Quality time at Storybook Park!”

The little things, simple and love!

It’s amazing that we have lived here almost a year, exactly a month away actually from the 1 year mark. With each passing day we become more comfortable and adjusted to living here. The little things that is, like how we have things laid out or organized, where we keep this or that and yesContinue reading “The little things, simple and love!”

My kids have made me the mother I am!

One thing I have always known is that I wanted to meet the man of my dreams, someone who fit in our family just like he always belonged and who made me truly happy to raise children with! It was a long rough road to becoming a mother, to us becoming parents. We have aContinue reading “My kids have made me the mother I am!”

A special celebration and treasured memories

We had a FABULOUS time this past weekend! First celebrating a very special lady’s birthday, my mom!!! We had a great time with family and close friends… grama even made her famous “money birthday cake” lol it was awesome! Here’s to many more wonderful years … and more importantly to all the amazing memories weContinue reading “A special celebration and treasured memories”

My life in photos… what a story they will tell!

Any event or fun thing we do in our family, I have some kind of photographic memory. My life truly is in photos, not only my life but our life – my own little family of 4 and any extended family get together. Sunday morning while prepping a Mother’s Day blog post, I went back throughContinue reading “My life in photos… what a story they will tell!”

A walk in the park

20120506-328C0937-WM, a photo by {Pamela Zmija Photography} on Flickr. The kids love exploring and it did not take much direction or encouragement to get them to sit up on this big rock… just patience 😉 Love them and love that my hubby and I spent this today together with our babies and other family. 11Continue reading “A walk in the park”