The Beauty of Nature in Winter

One of my favourite reasons for enjoying snowmobiling is being out in nature. The white snow, so pure and clean. As I ride along, my photographers eye bursting with ideas and breathing it all in, appreciating the true natural beauty of our local community trails. The colours of the trees popping against the beautiful whiteContinue reading “The Beauty of Nature in Winter”

Southgate In The Fall

The other night as I left work a wee bit later than normal, the sky was bright and blue, the sun shining and lowering in the sky. I asked my husband to take me on a photo tour, a wee road not far from home. With incredible views. As the weather cools, the sun setsContinue reading “Southgate In The Fall”

Enjoying the fall at the cottage | Saugeen Shores

Lake Huron at the cottage has always been ever changing, but without a doubt so very beautiful. Over just a few days the water changed with the weather. I enjoyed getting down to the beach to shoot the peaceful view, while inside our lil lady spent Thanksgiving weekend sick on the couch. While the kidsContinue reading “Enjoying the fall at the cottage | Saugeen Shores”

A rainbow in between the storm clouds

20120503-328C0756-WM, a photo by {Pamela Zmija Photography} on Flickr. When the kids and I got home tonight it was lightly raining so I convinced them to get their rain boots on and go dance in the rain. Then the boy runs inside and declares “Mommy!!! A rainbow!!!”

Sunshine, Water… Our Beach Story!

Im having a lot of fun going through our photos from the summer – ones I did not get to last year to process. In a sense its the “Story of our summer”! Well our story at the beach that is. I love it there. Love Love Love it there 🙂 You can see more photosContinue reading “Sunshine, Water… Our Beach Story!”

Sunshine, Water + Beautiful Scenery || Mount Forest Photographer

This afternoon my family and I took our boat out to a local lake not far from us. I captured some of the beauty we enjoyed this afternoon. This is my daughters favourite… she loved seeing the sparkles on the water! We’ve been quite busy with moving day coming up very fast! I am quiteContinue reading “Sunshine, Water + Beautiful Scenery || Mount Forest Photographer”

Wellington North Community, Visitors, Business 2011 || Mount Forest Photographer

I was very humbled when I received a call from Crystal for last years Community Guide asking if they could use one of my photos for the cover. I am a small town girl who adores being back in my home town raising my own family, so of course I said yes! With the deadlineContinue reading “Wellington North Community, Visitors, Business 2011 || Mount Forest Photographer”