Are You Fueling Your Passion?

In transforming this house of ours into “Our home” It’s been… a challenge. However as we know with challenges, we grow! With our basement renos done (yay!) and the main floor renovations now well under way (I have a massive tented off area in our kitchen / dining room) I knew in my heart weContinue reading “Are You Fueling Your Passion?”

Tips and Hints for a Mom with a Camera {Photography for Moms}

I am no genius and certainly not famous when it comes to photography, however I have had the pleasure of being asked by many family, friends and aquantainces for my opinion, questions, tips etc, all of which are merely based on my experience and growth since I became a “mom with a camera”. So youContinue reading “Tips and Hints for a Mom with a Camera {Photography for Moms}”

Sunshine, Water… Our Beach Story!

Im having a lot of fun going through our photos from the summer – ones I did not get to last year to process. In a sense its the “Story of our summer”! Well our story at the beach that is. I love it there. Love Love Love it there 🙂 You can see more photosContinue reading “Sunshine, Water… Our Beach Story!”

Photography Is Art

Photography is art. As a photographer I am an Artist. An artist is someone who looks at something and ultimately see’s something completely different than the next person. Which is why being an artist as a photographer is unique. There are many photographers, even more so now that DSLR’s are very common and alsmost aContinue reading “Photography Is Art”

Fall "W" Family Photos || Mount Forest Photography

Its been a busy fall for me and I have not been great at blogging ! Although I have gotten these photos up on Facebook – the quality just is NOT the same! So Im going to do a few posts to share some of the wonderful families I have been photographing – with oneContinue reading “Fall "W" Family Photos || Mount Forest Photography”

Family Photos || Mount Forest Photographer

Family + Love is where its at… truly! Through thick and thin we stick it out and are there for each other. I love this photo of my extended  family, my siblings. An amazing special bond we share together. I love that my Lil Bro and I both have kids … 6 days apart! Priceless!Continue reading “Family Photos || Mount Forest Photographer”

National Association of Professional Child Photographers || Mount Forest Photography

I am quite proud to have been accepted as a member of the National Association of Professional Child Photographers – NAPCP! I am looking forward to being a part of this professional Photography association! Their MissionNAPCP’s mission is to provide the most comprehensive resources for professional child photographers, while creating a community of artists committedContinue reading “National Association of Professional Child Photographers || Mount Forest Photography”