Mothers Day and Spring Apple Blossoms | May 2015

Mothers Day with my little family – we had a FABULOUS weekend together with each sides of our family. It was so wonderful, especially with the gorgeous weather! I am truly blessed. I couldn’t have chosen a better way to spend the weekend celebrating being a MOM! One of THE toughest jobs in the world,Continue reading “Mothers Day and Spring Apple Blossoms | May 2015”

Waterfall Nature Walk | May 4, 2015

I had the opportunity the other day to have a couple hours completely to myself later in the afternoon. I took a walk and found a couple gorgeous falls – it was so extremely peaceful, quiet and tranquil. I felt completely refreshed and inspired. The entire drive there the rain was falling, until I arrivedContinue reading “Waterfall Nature Walk | May 4, 2015”

Spring and Flower Love | May 2, 2015

What a gorgeous Spring day! We honestly couldn’t have asked for a better day. In between painting walls and trim, I had the opportunity to get some shooting in with my macro! I love shooting wide open and the effect I can get when shooting from a slight distance. Had fun 😉 Hope you areContinue reading “Spring and Flower Love | May 2, 2015”

Signs of Spring

In the tree beside our driveway is a tiny little nest… our kids are excited to see if someone might make this nest their home. Mady even called up asking “is anybody home in that nest?” LOL Children enjoying the outside ! Gorgeous green grass and very happy (and finally tired) dogs! The end ofContinue reading “Signs of Spring”