Southgate In The Fall

The other night as I left work a wee bit later than normal, the sky was bright and blue, the sun shining and lowering in the sky. I asked my husband to take me on a photo tour, a wee road not far from home. With incredible views. As the weather cools, the sun setsContinue reading “Southgate In The Fall”

Fall Essentials with Pam – Online Class

Pam Zmija, a local health and wellness advocate, is hosting “Fall Essentials” on Saturday November 4th at 9pm with the goal of teaching people how to stay safe and healthy this Fall with Essential Oils. “One of the greatest times of year to incorporate essential oils into your life is Autumn because of the variousContinue reading “Fall Essentials with Pam – Online Class”

Motivate, Freshen Up & Energize Your FALL | October 2016

​I am SO excited to share with you the promotions for October!  Check them out below and if you have any questions OR would like to enroll with a wholesale membership please connect with me via email, PM, phone or text! I am SO excited for what is available to you this month to helpContinue reading “Motivate, Freshen Up & Energize Your FALL | October 2016”

Worldwide Photowalk 2014 | Elora & Farm Land Wellington North

Today is the Scott Kelby Worldwide Photowalk and I attended the walk in Elora with some other camera club members and then had a blast touring home capturing some of this gorgeous fall weather we are having! There really should be a warning sign like there is on garbage trucks for photographers… “Makes frequent suddenContinue reading “Worldwide Photowalk 2014 | Elora & Farm Land Wellington North”

Fall Colour Love | Appreciate where you’ve come from, for it will shape you for where you are going.

I always feel so much more inspired when we have Camera Club. I was leaving work last night and after a very dark dreary day, the sun found its way through the clouds. It was a very soft light, but with the fall colours and almost mist like look it was beautiful! As I wasContinue reading “Fall Colour Love | Appreciate where you’ve come from, for it will shape you for where you are going.”

Autumn Has Arried | My favourite time of year!

Its the first full day of fall and wow, we were just spoiled with the warm gorgeous sunshine!!! My girl and I took the dog for a walk early evening to soak up some vitamin D! I absolutely adore the flowers and scenery of fall, especially wild flowers and weeds – yes they are beautifulContinue reading “Autumn Has Arried | My favourite time of year!”