20 Ways To Use On Guard Essential Oil Blend

On Guard Essential Oil is one of our fav’s and most used in our home!

It is emotionally known as the Oil of Protection.

Check out these 20 ways to use our On Guard Essential Oil Blend!

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Welcome May! | 2018

I am excited to begin sharing my monthly promotions with you here every month!

For the month of May when you purchase 200 PV (product value) you could receive one or both of these awesome product promotions!

Place a 200PV order from the Canadian Warehouse you will receive a FREE 10ml Immortelle Roller!

Place a 200PV order from the US Warehouse you will receive FREE an On Guard Package of 15ml On Guard, 15ml Wild Orange, On Guard Toothpaste and On Guard Sanitizing Mist!

When you place a minimum of 125PV order by the 15th of the month you will receive a 15ml Rosemary!

Check out the benefits of these beauties below – we use them all the time! In fact we were running low on On Guard 😉

31543608_1694655227323116_8375418099599409152_n200pv US On Guard31357197_1618920588203509_8286806602091069440_n31337885_1618920644870170_4590833161931325440_n31531484_1694654477323191_4448619317222703104_n

How Do We Use?

How do we use these oils in our home… in so many ways!

Immortelle is not only incredible as a deodorant (and supportive to your lymph nodes!) its also smoothing to your skin and great for the appearance of skin imperfections. I like using this in my hand (its a roller bottle so just roll in your hand) and then add in my verage facial serum on top of it!

On Guard is used in the kids diffusers almost every single night, hubby mixes it up but a staple he uses the majority of the time is On Guard. On Guard in the diffuser is powerfully cleansing. Topically on our backs and feet if we feel like our immune system needs a boost or we are feeling under the weather. Internally to give a boost to the immune system. This blend is safe to ingest and very effective.

Wild Orange is one of my absolute favourites! Its so uplifting and calming. One I love to use in the diffuser at night. Its also cleansing so when you use it in your water or in the diffuser it will gently cleanse. Wild Orange is also great great to use for cleaning with water and vinegar or in a foam soap diy mixture. It is also supportive to the digestive system.

The toothpaste is incredible. I use it everyday and I love how clean my teeth feel!

The hand sanitizing mist is effective with the power of On Guard. Be confident that you are using a product to gently and effectively cleanse your hands while on the go!

Rosemary is incredible in the kitchen! I love cooking with it. Its also great to use to stimulate your brain in a blend with Peppermint and Wild Orange! Rosemary is also great for your hair!

How To Order



Benefits of wholesale…

  • Save 25%
  • Order at your convenience whenever you want
  • Option to earn points for free products
  • Option to earn free products

Once you are living a holistic doTERRA lifestyle you will get excited every month about investing in yourself and your family. I still do and its been almost 4 years!

As an option to customers, when you place a order each month you have the option to earn free products and earn product points for more free products 😉

We now choose to purchase products we would normally buy at the grocery store or pharmacy from our doTERRA back office. I am supporting my business as well as earning free products we use everyday.

Products such as our oils, supplements, shampoo, conditioner, hair care, facial care, first aid options, cleaning our body, home and clothes, lotion etc!

Curious about the Loyalty Rewards Program? I highly recommend you check it out…

Loyalty Rewards Highlights

If you do not currently have a wholesale membership and place an enrollment order in May of at least 200PV you will receive one of these product promotions with your first order! How awesome is that!?

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Excited for you!



Mama’s Un-Newsletter

Check your email inbox for my LAST newsletter that this girl will be sending!

Yes – I said LAST!

Ive been on a personal journey and doing a lot of reflection. In the past week I cleared thousands of email’s from my inboxes. Incredible the amount of them. In all honesty the amount I had in just one inbox was giving me all kinds of anxiety. Clearing them out felt so good!

It also got me thinking about my own personal values and how I want to ensure I bring that into my business life. As a mom I want to ensure my time is well spent. At this time in my life, newsletters are now clutter to me. Much like flyers are as well. There are a few that without a doubt I enjoy and read every time I receive them. However there are others that just suffocate my inbox.

If you are anyone like me who, as a resourceful woman, receives a lot of email – You are welcome! Because I made the decision that I need to be completely true to me and my values inside my business world.

So for all of my customers, when you check your inbox you will see my final newsletter. I want to ensure I have much more of my personal touch on how I support my customers and team and that means utilizing my tools to the best of our advantage!

Moving forward you will find me in a much bigger presence here on my website and blog! I will also continue to use my Facebook Page and Group (group is exclusive to my customers and team) and Instagram!

As an ADHD Mom I know it can also be challenging to read through alot of info which is why I will also be incorporating a lot more videos into my online life and here on my blog!

I am SO excited for this enhancement and know you will find the value in offering you this space and value.

Cheers to May and a lot of amazing experiences!

My may product highlight will be up soon!

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Hey Mom’s!

I am looking for my fellow moms!

If you are a mom living this #momlife – I would love to connect!

I have life experience with adhd, pcos, hypothyroidism, ibs, weight gain/loss, insomnia, depression, stress, infertility, essential oils, being a working mom, wife, family, marriage, raising kids, lifestyle photography and home renovations.

I am new to living a more holistic life, phasing out as much waste from our life that we can, mindfully meal planning and decluttering our lives of physical materials.

I am learning that our family thrives on routine and being organized. I remember buying our 2nd house and laughing because there were labels on the shelves in every single cupboard. I would love to do that to my kitchen now – and just might 😉

Life truly is what we make it to be.

Invite in your hopes and desires – where do you feel you could make an improvement in your life.

For me this was my health – I was unsure however I put my trust in driving forward and thankfully have been blessed.

My value in your life is to be a wellness advocate and be the connection to a beautiful community of people living a holistic life of all various levels.

I invite you to mediate on this…

Where do I see my life in 5 years…

Truly visualize where you will be in 5 years.
Where you will live.
What your health is like.
How old your kids are.
Your relationship with your significant other.
Your financial freedom.
Goals and dreams.

I once held the belief that as the mom I had to do my job outside of the house and everything else inside the house and not spend any money on myself unless truly absolutely needed. This belief was false. As a mom, the best thing I did for myself and my family was investing in me. Every month I invest in me to support my body and health in a holistic way.

From one mom to another – I invite you to learn more about how you too can begin sleeping a full night, holistic natural health options from first aid to muscle ache and pain, colds & cough, supporting energy, stomach upset, emotions, calming, cleaning, exercise and so much more!

If you are a mom who truly *feels* she is ready for a change… a mom who is already working out but needs to clean up the products in your daily living… a mom who doesn’t know how she could fit “one more thing in her life”… a mom who hasn’t exercised since becoming a mom… a mom who enjoys keeping things simple… if you are a woman with kids…a mom who is a doctor or nutritionist… a fur mom!

Regardless of what kind of mom you are…

Im so happy you have found my website. I truly look forward to connecting with you.

I am a breathtaking photographer, number cruncher, essential oil lover, wife and mother! I am creative and conscious about the value of a dollar. I sell doTERRA Essential Oils and Health Products by empowering women and families to live their best life!

As your doTERRA Wellness Advocate I will ensure you receive the best value for your money, but also as a mother I know the importance of keeping things simple, offering lifelong support and friendship when needed for using your doTERRA products!

p.s. Its ok to let it go… you know the laundry, dirty dishes… to get your mind back on track. I did this yesterday and WOW… unbelievable actually. When my mind is “busy” – a word I really am not a fan of – I now know, its time to slow down! Check out my video yesterday of how I followed my heart and recharged. ❤




Life Lessons Are The Best Learning Experiences!

In this journey of making our house, our home we’ve learned a few key things in life!

Life lessons certainly are the best!

  1. Growth! Challenges make you grow even when you don’t think you have anymore in you.
  2. 2nd Chance. Sometimes a 2nd chance means you can get it exactly right as it should have been originally. Everything happens for a reason, although at times its difficult to understand why.
  3. Embrace your space. No matter the size you are living in. Make it yours and enjoy it. I admittedly, miss hearing the kids night time secret sharing and giggles – even the pestering back and forth ending in laughs when they were both sleeping in the living room all summer. Of course we love having our space back so everyone can have some alone time when needed – this is also crucial in my own opinion and experience for a healthy and happy life. However how much space does one or 4 people truly need?
  4. Animals do not like change. I can relate with the animals – I appreciate the before, love the after and feel my anxiety spike during. Our cat and bird unfortunately had a very negative experience after the newly finished basement was flooded and construction was underway to rebuild while under construction upstairs as well. Be sympathetic to them, ensure you provide adequate attention which also provides them with comfort.
  5. Communication is EVERYTHING! Going through the motions of life and renovating can prove daunting when you are also living in the same space. Finishing the basement this time was a big open space and proved to be easier, however required adjustments to our “normal life” such as not having a living room – at all and a partial kitchen and sometimes a dining room. Communicating as adults, as parents to our children – is SOOO key! Key for staying on track and staying sane!
  6. What really matters! Time together. Thats what really matters. Being forced into a much smaller space really clarifies that. The kids lost a lot of “stuff”… It had value, monetary and sentimental – however its just “stuff” and in the big picture isn’t what is most important!
  7. Declutter and get organized. Its ok to let go! If a physical possession does not give you a good feeling or you absolutely love – donate or sell. Only have things in your home that absolutely light you up and has a purpose! Clear surfaces and organization make my heart SO happy!
  8. Be YOU and do not worry about what others may think or say. This has been a mantra Ive been ingraining in my head. Our lifestyle is outside of the “norm” but we love it and are healthier because of it. I am so thankful we have embraced living a more holistic lifestyle! These oils got me through a lot of dark emotional times.
  9. Always follow your heart. If you are making a decision and it feels heavy – it’s not the right decision. Something is holding you back and you maybe need to re-evaluate.
  10. Always reach for your dreams and goals – no matter what!

I truly am thankful we are nearing the end of our whole home renovation – its been an incredible growth experience for all of us. To not only figure out HOW we want to live but also with WHAT we want to live with and having zero judgment for something that no longer serves us or our life purpose.

The 10 Most Important Things to Simplify in Your Life

The 10 Most Important Things to Simplify in Your Life

  1. Your material “stuff”
  2. Your time
  3. Your goals
  4. Your negative thoughts
  5. Your debt
  6. Your words
  7. Your artificial ingredients
  8. Your screen time
  9. Your connections to the world
  10. Your multi-tasking

If you asked me a year ago I would have said, yeah we need to do some decluttering but its not too bad.

TRUTH… we had way to much STUFF. I was tied emotionally to so much “stuff” – especially the kids stuff. In June when our basement flooded I was devastated. I felt defeated, again, by the universe. It was an incredible life lesson in what we truly need in our life and last summer taught us to take a giant step back and ~~ Simply Live ~~

This I have found has been HUGE for us living a successful adhd and pcos lifestyle. Clutter and stuff = stress and overwhelm.

The flood actually was a blessing in disguise to propel us forward to where we needed to be!

… and the journey continues  😀

Source – http://www.becomingminimalist.com/the-10-most-important-things-to-simplify-in-your-life/

Simple Living | Recycling

Monday when I was getting the kids lunches ready for that day, I pulled out the “naturals” meat we picked up for their lunch and looked at the package.

When I was home with the kids 1 week ago on the Monday, the weekend of the snow and nice storm I listened to a TED Talk about a mid-20’s woman who was holding a glass mason jar in her hand. This jar held all of the garbage she had used in the past 3 years.

3 years in ONE jar.

I was blown away and extremely intrigued. HOW could she live with only that small amount of garbage. I found it absolutely fascinating! It requires a true dedication to living a smarter, simpler life. Similar actually, to our adjustment to life with our oils.

This really sparked something in side of me.

Yesterday morning as I was making their lunches and putting their carefully selected meats on their sandwiches I turned the package over, and over, and over. Not one recycle sign on the plastic package. My heart sank, the kids saw it and asked what was wrong. I showed them the hard package and told them its not recyclable. They were both shocked. Its plastic, why is it not recyclable!?

Tonight I looked up our local township’s recycling program. I was honestly shocked to see plastic bags are NOT recyclable.

That really got me thinking… What do I want to remember my life for? What could I do to help improve the world for my own future as well as my children and their future.

Ive found in my transformation over the past couple years Im becoming much more mindful in planning meals much more purposely. Looking for real food options vs convenience. Cleaning up our personal and health care options of what goes on our bodies. Now bringing in the packaging to the whole picture. Always room for improvement and it feels really good to be being even more mindful!

Time to bring even more simplicity into our life of simple living!


10 Simple Steps To Make The Most of Every Day!

10 Simple Steps to Make the Most of Every Day

Living an ADHD, PCOS Mom filled live can feel overwhelming at times. Thats when I know I am too ‘up in my head’ and I need to get more grounded. I pull out my Balance oil blend and my body spray created with oils and get myself back in line.

Simplicity truly is a crucial part of our day – as a mom and for living our adhd pcos lifestyle!

Check out these great 10 Simple Steps To Make The Most of Every Day! 

  1. Get up before everyone else.
  2. Eat healthy.
  3. Move your body.
  4. Set your intention – tackle the big thing first.
  5. Do something you love.
  6. Rest your body.
  7. Be present.
  8. Be generous.
  9. Be true to you.
  10. Clear the clutter.

Source – http://www.becomingminimalist.com/10-simple-steps-to-make-the-most-of-every-day/


Listening to myself | The buffet weekend

Embracing my entire life – all the good and bad – one thing that I loved doing when I was younger was writing. Even simply in a journal, or poetry about my life and emotions. A part of me, I lost in my later high school years and have only begun to recently find again. I forgot the incredible release that comes with writing. Similar to the creative boost that I feel when I follow my artistic intuition. Here’s to bringing out more of me in 2018!

This past weekend was both fulfilling and productive.

I have had a vision for our home for many years. After we moved in I began visualizing how we could make it ours by taking the existing home and making some adjustments. The reno’s are more than I could have anticipated and my heart is so full with what we have accomplished.

We had decided to make another move and with doing so opened up a space for a beautiful piece of furniture for at the top of our stairs. I had a vision in mind of what I wanted, the vision of course wasn’t completely clear of how or where. I just knew when I saw it, I would know.

This weekend, on Saturday I was doing some running around downtown, dropped off a few boxes to donate at our local thrift store, picked up a couple things and was driving downtown headed in the direction of home, but feeling compelled to not yet head home, when it hit me… Go to the antique store in town there is something there!

I went into the store and began browsing for that perfect fit for our home. The owner came over and asked if I needed any help. I explained to her what I was looking for. Something about 4′ long and no taller than 4′. She turned around and right behind her was a small buffet with a marble top on it. The top looked very similar to our counter tops in our new kitchen. She grabbed a measuring tape and it measured 4′ 3/4″. I called home and had my son measure the space we had… 4′ 1″. Took a picture and sent it to my hubby to see what he thought – he gave the thumbs up! Bonus… it was 30% off!!! Hubby was working, so I asked the couple if they could help me load it into my van once I moved it in front of the store and folded the seats down (thank you Town and Country Stow and Go Seats!!!). I went outside and moved the van in front of the store, looked across the street and saw my brothers truck! What impeccable timing!!! He came into the store with me, loaded the marble top – it was heavy and I was nervous not wanting to break it lol – and then helped me load the cabinet! It fits perfect and bonus… its solid wood! Hubby got home and unloaded the cabinet with my son – it fits perfect – like the space was meant for it!

This was a big highlight of my weekend, something else that was falling into place. It feels good to set and intention and reap the rewards.

We also enjoyed family and creative time! I pushed my comfort zone to share my oily love in person online by making a few videos! Our girl Mads made a baby blanket with her grama. We celebrated our beautiful cousin at her baby shower and my hubby started a new little project thats allowing him to be creative and his construction skills and knowledge really shine! Best of all we accomplished significant things off our to-do list and we enjoyed downtime. It was awesome. Exactly the way I picture every weekend for us – exactly what we are working towards. Its so close ❤


As I sit here this afternoon listening to the freezing rain hitting the windows, the kids enjoying a movie and hubby finishing off the main bathroom renovation I am filled with gratitude.

Gratitude for our family being healthy and safe.

Gratitude for my husband’s carpentry talent to transform this house into our custom home.

Gratitude for our two children. I joke that the first few years of each of their lives was a complete blur. I love how our family fell into our heart.

Gratitude for patience.