The Art of Bacon

It’s a beautifully relaxing art to cooking bacon. I love my bacon to be completely and evenly cooked. I love the crispy soft smoked  bacon.

Good bacon takes time. Low and slow! Time I can just simply do what I need to do, cook the bacon. For the moment just let everything (and everyone) just BE. While reflecting on my day I thought, WOW one experience after another just had me feeling from one emotion to another.  

Somedays you experience a great variety of feelings and emotions! Happy, sad, frustrated, excited, nervous, eager, motivated, exhausted, experiences in our life shift us to feel these ways. Today was a day for me that I felt those shifts. I FELT the shifts and recognized what I began feeling. 

Going from feeling happy and excited for the weekend, pumped to get our flooring installed to exhausted with the renovations and just wanting to get away to unrealistic people who need some blessings and a kids frustrating moment.  

Being in our home and just being OK with how everything is. RIGHT NOW. As I’m cooking the bacon for our gourmet grilled cheese, I am enjoying the peace while we all each have some time to do whatever we want. To decompress from the day and the week. It’s been a goal hitting week. Longer days into nighys, but fulfilling.

Accomplishments are being reached and things are productively moving forward.  I really am overall so happy for this renovation, but living in it has become very tiring.  

Of course, “We all have those days…”. Life happens. It is however how we choose to react and handle experiences as they arise. 

I am ready for life to fall into our new “normal”. The ease of organization and enjoying time together! Truly enjoying the art of cooking bacon. Perfectly cooked with maximum flavour bursts! Letting my to-do list be something I begin tackling in the morning, with a fresh relaxed mind and open heart. 

Being more emotionally balanced myself to experience these shifts and know it’s OK to let it happen. Give myself permission to relax and recharge. It’s exactly what I need! 💕

I’ve been craving down time at home! True quality downtime… and we are almost there. I am truly excited, grateful and feeling so blessed for our new kitchen and living space ! 

As I envision what is soon to be our reality, I enjoy the beauty that is this gourmet grilled cheese with two types of cheese, sliced dill pickles, bacon on while wheat bread with butter and cooked in a pan with coconut oil. Simply heaven! Especially when enjoyed with a Greek yogurt garlic dip! Flavored with doTERRA Lemon essential oil, garlic and onion spice. 
Have an amazing Friday night! 💖

For anyone with digestion challenges, I personally am grateful for my TerraZyme Digestive enzymes supplements! My body has a love, hate relationship with cheese. Has to be good quality! When eating a meal like this I take 2 TerraZyme and am able to completely enjoy the cheesy treat! 

The art of cooking bacon is to let it simply be that. 🤗 Enjoy the time it takes! 

Essential Oils for Beginners

Essential Oils for Beginners

New to essential oils? Here is a simple guide to help you get started in your essential oil journey.

ADHD and Me

Almost 3 years ago I was drawn to a local ‘mood management’ class in an attempt to find a way to naturally support my little man. Back then I didn’t need a doctor or psychologist to tell me, I already knew. My son has Inattentive ADHD.

This past November it was confirmed and I literally broke down in tears.

Tears of happiness.

For years we were challenged, by the norm. I quite honestly focused too much on what “should” be happening or “stages” rather than focusing on my child as an individual. As a mother I felt compelled to do what I “should do” and not what I felt in my heart as right.

In grade 1 our son was told by his teacher and in front of the principal (at that time) that he isn’t smart, he doesn’t know how to do this and that and is just wasting her time.

I’ve unfortunately also witnessed the way some adults {with authority} speak to children with more sensitive needs… educators, coaches, police officers…

Our children are hearing all of this and it’s condemning to their success and future. What if this was your child?

What if instead of having this “perfect” image in our mind, we simple embraced every single child for who they are and what they have been brought into this world to do. 

It has taken years to rebuild his confidence and empower him that just because he learns ‘outside’ of this “box” that he IS smart. He was made to feel like he was stupid, he was singled out and he simply gave up and hated going to school. Do you know how this affects a child… we do and its very sad. He began pulling away, was not the happy go lucky kid we once knew, began getting in trouble at school and then we found out that he was being teased and bullied.

My childhood was what I would consider ‘normal’ when we were sick we went to the doctor, took prescriptions and medications etc. However something in my heart was leading me in another direction for my child.

Given his grade 1 year, this was tough. But we persevered. We followed all the recommended steps, going to the pediatrician, seeing a therapist and more recently a psychological assessment, after a long 3 year wait. Our son has Inattentive ADHD – I knew this year’s ago. What had me bawling like a baby in the meeting was when she said… The results also showed he IS a very smart boy. However he has a unique need for the way he learns. With a learning disability in combination with being inattentive ADHD it makes learning in a “typical” classroom much more challenging for him, especially for a sensitive child.

Truthfully leaving that meeting in November my husband and I both agreed that given the information, we both too would technically be diagnosed with ADHD as well.
So what does this mean for us? Almost 3 years ago I began my own research with essential oils and supporting emotional and brain health. Much of this was trial and error, reading the various properties of oils and which ones may benefit, various blends to try etc. This process for us wasn’t simple and everyday still we are learning. I was introducing a natural way to support our bodies – emotionally and physically, which prior to, was unheard of in our home, while trying to get a grasp on what was actually happening and most important how to support him!

What I have personally learned is this. Your heart will lead you to where you need to be. Sleep is SO incredibly important. Eating healthy real food is equally important. Best of all, if your child is open to learning,  go with it.

From the very get go our boy was intrigued with these oils. I first began my own journey with about 5 or 6 oils which looked like were ones we needed to start with for our own health goals. As I learned more, I added more to our oily tool box in ways that could also support him better as well as my own health and the rest of our family. More importantly I began to {quietly} let go of being afraid of what others may think.

Thankfully my son’s teachers since grade 1 have been more supportive. We truly have been blessed, but as his parents we still must be advocates for him and his learning. Just a few months ago he proved that grade 1 teacher completely wrong when his testing came back proving he has great intelligence and IS incredibly smart … he learns and works for what comes natural to him. Not everyone learns from a book or simply being told what to do, movement is important as well as hands on learning, visual components, technology, the learning atmosphere and being supportive emotionally with any sensitivies of how children learn in a more unique way! 

I’m very thankful for our small school and the educators our children have. Be an advocate for your child. It’s simply too easy to get ‘lost in the system’ and then have to play catch up with skills and knowledge. Take the reins, take control and follow your heart!

Take 6 minutes and watch this. Truly let it sink into your core. Every single child has unique needs when it comes to education and how they learn.

How We Support ADHD Naturally…

What I honestly recommend people to do first is to begin to make a lifestyle shift. Yes it takes time and work. BUT if I can do it and our family did it, YOU CAN TOO!

  1. Introduce The Top 10 Essential Oils into your home.
    Why is this important?
    So that you and your family have natural options to turn to for a very long list of ailments such as headaches, cuts, burns, bruises, sleep, coughs, colds, digestive discomfort, respiratory support, skin irritation, acne, muscle aches and pain, sprains, strains, calming, cooling and so much more.
  2. Take a closer look at what you are eating and drinking… we found a direct link to processed foods and lesser quality food and our kids behaviour (yes even our non ADHD child). Preservatives, dyes, sugar, anything “white” or bleached,  etc.
  3. Sleep is extremely important. I remember when our children were young and sitting outside of their bedrooms to ensure they stayed in bed and went to sleep. Our kids were a week less than 18 months apart so their younger years are very much a blur however we made it work. Now we use essential oils every night with them topically and in their diffusers.
  4. I also then did research on which specific oils would support his body and mind for his specific needs. The Oils we are using daily to support our son are Balance, Cedarwood, Vetiver, Frankincense, Lemon and In Tune. We’ve also added in high quality plant based supplements.  (Frankincense and Lemon are in the top 10 oils).
  5. Routine and organization are key – which have been challenging during a whole home renovation! We also have our oils sitting in our kitchen available for them to pick and choose which oils they are drawn to for a back massage or if they need something different for their bedtime diffusers. We are empowering them with choices, natural options to support physical and emotional health.

As I mentioned above, consistency is key as well as incorporating healthy sleeping and eating habits as well. Be easy on yourself as a parent, it can be stressful and frustrating, it’s also the same for your child. There will be hiccups, adjustments, learning curves for your child, you, siblings, family, friends and educators.  Everyone has a bad day and that’s OK! This was and still is a learning experience for our entire family, however sometimes life lessons are the best kind! ❤

I was once quiet and similar to my own health just wanted for us to live a “normal” life and not be labeled by a diagnosis. At first we didn’t talk much about what ADHD is or why it is important to our lifestyle. Learning opportunity for us as this contributed to him feeling singled out.

THIS IS OUR NORMAL LIFE. I wouldn’t change my family and our life for anything.  We are all unique and I am so grateful to have been chosen as my kids mom. They were given to me because 1. I needed them and 2. They needed me. So we have chosen to empower and educate. Yes he had ADHD and learns differently, truth be told he gets it honestly from his dad, myself and other family members. This is us and I am so happy we’ve been given this life together ! 💗

Sleepless night and headaches!

Being a mom, sleepless nights are something I am very familiar with. However as the kids get older any sleepless nights have become much lesser and much harder on me when they do happen ;). Anyone else? LOL!

The other night one of our little’s didn’t sleep well and ended up in bed with us. Thankfully we have a king size bed, however when my sleep is disrupted I typically have a harder time falling back asleep. Any other moms out there have this challenge after a little joins you in your bed and they and dad fall happily back to sleep? 😉

So needless to say I woke up feeling like I hadn’t slept a wink after 130am and thus had a horrible head tension, headache and almost felt sick being so over tired. Awesome way to start a Friday, before a long weekend…

Two  and a half years ago I would have reached for my trusty bottle of over the counter pain pills (which my body was becoming immune to and thus I needed the pills more often). Today however I lathered up with Deep Blue and Frankincense on my neck and temples, lavender down the bridge of my nose and then pulled out my PastTense.

Thankfully since making these lifestyle changes my headaches are far and few between now – amazing because I used to have them alot 😦 I took my supplements and drank lots of water. Difficult when you feel sick! Its been so long since Ive used my PastTense I honestly forgot how simply AMAZING it is!!!

PastTense really is an incredible blend to use topically to feel relief! It worked beautifully and I was feeling like myself again, enjoyed time with the littles after school and then had a real class that night! 

doTerra_PastTensePast Tense - Oil of Relief

Life. Abundance. Knowledge and Transition. Buoyant Heart. Integrity. | Diffuser Blend

This morning these were the oils I selected for our differ blend. I intuitively selected the oils and added in 2 drops of Lime, Wild Orange, Rosemary and Peppermint and 1 drop of Coriander.

This afternoon I put the same oils into the diffuser and spent some time reading up on the emotional traits of each of these oils. Incredibly fascinating!
Lime – The Oil Of The Zest For Life
LIme imbues the soul with a zest for life. When an individual has been weighed down by discouragement or grief, Lime elevates them above the mire. It instills courage and cheer in the heart and reminds them to be grateful for the gift of life. Lime cleanses the heart, especially when there has been an accumulation of emotional toxins. Positive Properties of courage, emotionally safe, engaged, revitalized, grateful for the gift of life, determined.

Wild Orange – The Oil Of Abundance
Wild Orange addresses a wide variety of emotional issues. It inspires abundance, fosters creativity, supports a positive mood, restores physical energy and aids in transitions. Wild Orange also reconnects individuals with their inner child and brings spontaneity, fun, joy and play into one’s life. Positive Properties of abundant, humorous, playful, generous, spontaneous, creative and enjoying life.

Rosemary – The Oil of Knowledge and Transition
Rosemary assists in the development of true knowledge and true intellect. It teaches that one can be instructed from a far greater space of understanding than the human mind. It challenges individuals to look deeper than they normally would and ask more soul-searching questions so that they may receive more inspired answers. Positive Properties of mental clarity, knowledgeable, teachable, inspired and open to new experiences.

Peppermint – The Oil of a Buoyant Heart
Peppermint brings joy and buoyancy to the heart and soul. It invigorates body, mind and spirit and reminds individuals that life can be happy and there is nothing to fear. It lifts an individual out of their emotional trials for a short reprieve. With peppermint you may feel as though you are gliding through life. It assists in staying on the surface of emotional issues like a water skiier on a lake. Positive Properties of buoyant, optimistic, clear, relieved, renewed and strength to face emotional pain.

Coriander – The Oil Of Integrity
Coriander is the oil of integrity, specifically integrity with one’s self. The person in need of Coriander oil may be trapped in a cycle of serving others while neglecting their own needs. Often the mind’s perspective of the “right” way is too limited and seen from only one perspective. Positive Properties of being true to self, inner-guidance, integrity and unique.

There is a reason for why everything happens, coincidentally hubby and I just made a pretty significant decision for us and our family just the other night. I love how my body was drawn to these oils as they all are emotionally supportive in the decision we just made. 💖

Are you possibly going through something emotionally that your body needs support to release? I honestly believe, with all my heart if we sat down together we would find the exact oils you need, at this time to emotionally support your body! Yes these oils are simply amazing!  💖

Easy Air/Breathe, Bergamot and Geranium | Diffuser Blend

I’ve been doing a lot of personal development lately. A personal growth business wrapped up in an essential oil company. I am thankful for this growth and emotional support with the oils! My mental and physical health truly benefits every single day with every single drop! 

2 drops Breathe/Easy Air, 2 drops Bergamot and 1 drop Geranium. 

Easy Air / Breathe is know as The Oil of Breath. This blend emotionally supports to let go of grief, sadness and pain. Supporting to feel safe to open up and take in life. Supportive to individuals relationships with Spirit and deepens one’s connection to life. To let go, Breathe out and receive, Breathe in. Positive properties of loved, cared for, receiving, courage to fully open, embracing life, healed and solace. 

Bergamot is known as The Oil of Self-Acceptance.  This oil relieves feelings of despair, self-judgment and low self-esteem. Bergamot supports to be more optimistic and had a cleansing effect on stagnant feelings and limiting beliefs.  Positive properties of self acceptance, optimism, confidence, hopeful, lovable and good enough. 

Geranium is know as The Oil of Love and Trust. Geranium restores confidence in the innate goodness of others and in the world. It facilitates trust and assists in re-establishing a strong bond to one’s mother and father. Geranium encourages emotional honesty, love and forgiveness, fostering receptivity to human love and connection. Positive properties of Emotional healing, trusting, forgiving, gentle, loving, tolerant and open. 

This is one of the first times I’ve intuitively selected Geranium for the diffuser! One I have honestly not been very drawn to. Until now 💖! A couple weeks ago I made a Happiness Roller Blend which had Geranium in it… it’s absolutely beautiful! I am loving it!!! Interesting it also has Bergamot in it as well! 

If you would like the recipe drop me a line! 

Bedtime Diffuser Blend

Add in 3 drops of Roman Chamomile! 

Connecting With The Kids | Evening Oil Massages

My kids love oil massages. I love that even as they are getting older we can still connect this way. The other night they needed a little bit ‘more’ emotional support. I followed my own intuition to select the oils to use with them. It absolutely warms my heart that they enjoy our nightly oils and that we can connect with these massages when their bodies and souls need a little bit ‘more’ love ❤

Balance – The Oil of Grounding. The perfect combination of tree and root oils. Positive properties of body connection, stability, perseverance, self contained, grounded and inner strength.

Clary Sage- The Oil Of Clarity and Vision. Clary Sage dispels darkness and illusion, helping a person to see their limiting belief system. Positive properties of Clarity, intuitive, open minded, imaginative and spiritual.

Frankincense – The Oil Of Truth. Frankincense invites people to let go of lower vibrations, lies, deceptions and negativity. Positive properties of enlightened, loved, protected, wisdom, spiritually open and connected.

Melissa – The Oil Of Light. Melissa oil awakens the soul to truth and light. It reminds individuals of who they truly are and why they came to this earth. With positive properties of enlightened, joy of living, integral, spiritual connection, contagious enthusiasm, liberated and optimistic.