Using Essential Oils for Muscle & Joint Support

After my husband fell and broke his leg/ankle quite badly we have been using a beautiful blend of holistic supports since his surgeries. Although there is some significant damage, the oils and energy work can assist in the muscle health as well as encouraging movement for circulation. Easing discomfort, even if short term, to loosenContinue reading “Using Essential Oils for Muscle & Joint Support”

Shine Your Light

Good Morning 💖Lead ME First… everyday and it leads to success!Intuitively following the God nudges and lean in, sometimes its the same, other times it’s totally different. When it’s right, it feels light, when it feels heavy, like a chore, pull back before you don’t want to do it no more!As a Projector, learning myContinue reading “Shine Your Light”

Subscribe & Receive

2023 Revival! I am excited to share with you that I have been in a revival process with my website and blog. If 2020-2022, moving into 2023, has taught or reminded me of anything, its the importance of: 1. Follow My Intuition2. Holistic Healthcare 1st Always, all ways3. Slowing Down is Beautiful – Self CareContinue reading “Subscribe & Receive”

God is on the Job… doing something So Holy!

I had an indepth human design reading with @angehauck last week. It was INCREDIBLE. I had skimmed the surface with human design and knew I was a Projector! Turns out with Gate 60 The Intolerance for Road Blocks encourages this part of me to get FIREY, Persistent and not let anything stand in my wayContinue reading “God is on the Job… doing something So Holy!”

Trust Your Path | Week of April 24th

I recorded this yesterday for us, what does the week look like and it came up very clear, Trust Your Path! The oils that wanted to come out and play are also magical with this week’s energy. Whatever this week looks like for you, get quiet and allow your soul to speak to you. IContinue reading “Trust Your Path | Week of April 24th”

Human Design | Projector

Ahhhh the clarity! I will share more on this, I’ve known for a bit I’m a projector, this is all just bringing it all in and helping me feel, like ME! ____________________________________________Pamela McLellan-Zmija ‘The Majestic Healing Artist’Your Life As Art Essentials BROWSE CUSTOM Photo Art – Order Now! – PHOTOGRAPHY Portfolio EMBRACEContinue reading “Human Design | Projector”

New Moon & Eclipse

Happy New Moon & Eclipse! My intuitive blend this morning is bringing all the good feels IN! ✨️ Breath✨️ New Beginnings✨️ Love & Trust✨️ Buoyant Heart✨️ Knowledge & Transition Lean in loves… to any resistance, anything that feels sticky or not in flow. Honor yourself, honor your heart. What feels light is right 💖 DoContinue reading “New Moon & Eclipse”

Release The Petals | April 18/23

This week has a beautiful message to release the petals, we are nature and the child within 🙏💖 As a projector I deeply appreciate the message within the oracle cards. Being present in the now moment, transformation – which let’s be real, this will mean something different for each of us and inner mother, soContinue reading “Release The Petals | April 18/23”

Keep It Simple & THRIVE

As I was making bread this morning, it was a powerful reminder of something that once felt, impossible. When in truth it is actually easy AND good for my body (worth the time!!!). This mornings diffuser blend, is gorgeous in combination together and even more powerful! Get your oils in the link below! ____________________________________________Pamela McLellan-ZmijaContinue reading “Keep It Simple & THRIVE”