The Power of our Intuition | Trusting Ourself

I’ve had a powerful few days, beginning with a Reiki and Energy share with some other very talented energy workers, a Reiki Treatment with my Reiki Master, some deep realizations learned… Speak from the scar not the wound. Then my Empath Healer, Avalon Starlight contacted me to speak live with her on Instagram on SaturdayContinue reading “The Power of our Intuition | Trusting Ourself”

What Do You Do When Triggered?

How do you react when you feel triggered?The old me, wouldn’t have been so motivated.The new me… when I said to myself “what should I do…” (had some alone time at home for a few hours), my voice suddenly said “let’s work out”.The confusion that crossed my face haha šŸ¤£Ok let’s at least go changeContinue reading “What Do You Do When Triggered?”