Sunshine After Grey Days

There are some major energy shifts happening right now, perhaps if you are an empath/highly sensitive you will also be feeling this! I’m being reminded the importance of listening to my body, leaning in to my heart and honoring how I feel. Leaning into my heart when a later night is necessary and being kindContinue reading “Sunshine After Grey Days”

Vetiver & Lavender | doTERRA Essential Oils

Did you hear doTERRA has a fabulous BOGO – Buy One Get One FREE – Sale on this week! Its phenomenal in that its highlighting our need to Digest and Rest! I am excited for today’s individual offering! If you were on the fence about the BOGO Box, I can promise you at this momentContinue reading “Vetiver & Lavender | doTERRA Essential Oils”

doTERRA BOGO Box | Rest & Digest

BOGO Box – AVAILABLE TODAY!!! CLICK HERE TO ORDER YOUR OILS!!! I am VERY excited about this one!!! CLICK HERE TO ORDER YOUR OILS!!! The BOGO Box will be available beginning Tuesday, March 21, 2023, with a limit of 5 and only while supplies last. Your box includes all of the following daily pairings plusContinue reading “doTERRA BOGO Box | Rest & Digest”

The Power of Divine Timing | Sourdough Bread

One thing I forgot to share in my interview yesterday with @theempathhealer is that within our 3 mth intensive together the last third of 2021 is that she helped me heal some major emotional eating challenges that had been plaguing me since my teens. I now have a COMPLETELY different understanding, love and appreciation forContinue reading “The Power of Divine Timing | Sourdough Bread”

The Power of our Intuition | Trusting Ourself

I’ve had a powerful few days, beginning with a Reiki and Energy share with some other very talented energy workers, a Reiki Treatment with my Reiki Master, some deep realizations learned… Speak from the scar not the wound. Then my Empath Healer, Avalon Starlight contacted me to speak live with her on Instagram on SaturdayContinue reading “The Power of our Intuition | Trusting Ourself”

What Do You Do When Triggered?

How do you react when you feel triggered?The old me, wouldn’t have been so motivated.The new me… when I said to myself “what should I do…” (had some alone time at home for a few hours), my voice suddenly said “let’s work out”.The confusion that crossed my face haha 🤣Ok let’s at least go changeContinue reading “What Do You Do When Triggered?”


TRANSFORMATION TUESDAY 💖 I shared this over on Instagram… where I’ve spent most of my digital days between many avid breaks of “social media” since Novemeber of 2020. As I am healing I am realizing the toll that my husband’s accident had not only on him physically and mentally, but also for me (and theContinue reading “TRANSFORMATION TUESDAY”


There are no perfect pictures or perfect moments.Because EVERYTHING IS perfect in its own way, whatever that is.Not much is “perfect” to what “perfect” is in this picture.Bed is not made perfectly.My bag and journals, books on the bed.Most likely various oils as well. Probably don’t have any blankets without oil stains! Garbage is sittingContinue reading “Unapologetically”

Cycles & Self-Worth

Its kind of bittersweet how things we choose to not deal with or push down thinking it will go away, comes back, sometimes much stronger, sometimes with a vengeance, to actually feel through this and heal. Taking our power back from these cycles and re-gaining our self worth! Ive personally had some cycles coming upContinue reading “Cycles & Self-Worth”

March 11th | 2023

Three years ago today, was our last “normal” day in this current world we are living in. Thankfully our today life is drastically different than the days following March 11, 2020. I woke up this morning and was hit with this realization. First step, get the diffuser going! This blend is 👌 Its incredible toContinue reading “March 11th | 2023”