Life Will Shift Us Before We Are Ready

Life will shift us before we are truly ready.We declare we are “ready”, and the universe delivers the challenge to “test” if we truly are.At a level, once previously unknown.The power… is sinking in deep to those triggers, allowing the most fucking beautiful growth to not only come to blossom, but into full bloom!The pastContinue reading “Life Will Shift Us Before We Are Ready”

Photo Tour with my Man

There are times in life we are handed lemons, rather than sitting around wondering what to do with them, lets make lemonade!!! Its sometimes easier to sink into … poor me, this sucks, “we used to…” type thinking when our lives shift and change. Some can be positive, other can be challenging and feel negative.Continue reading “Photo Tour with my Man”

Ice Crystals in the Morning

This morning felt beautifully magical! ✨️ The ice fairies were busy dancing beautifully over the branches of the trees. An incredible blessing to come upon this morning, truly felt magical. A pause in time, the glimmer of the sun slowly rising as the moon graced the sky ahead. ✨️ Th energy felt good! I’ve feltContinue reading “Ice Crystals in the Morning”

Winter Photo Upload! | Feb 12/2023

Excited to share there are more beautiful winter photos added to the Landscape Collection: Winter! LINK TO VIEW & PURCHASE PHOTOS

The Salad

Have an interesting share…We are in the city for an appointment today, so to save time and for our son’s comfort, we thought we would order online and then it would be ready when we got there. I wanted a salad with my meal, but also wanted the fresh cut fries… our son wanted toContinue reading “The Salad”

How Did The Leo Moon Shift You?

How did the Leo Full Moon shift you? Dig down deep within – which truthfully will not take much digging. The energy worker who I worked with in the end of 2021, all of 2022 and I opted in for 2023 as well, described it perfectly… Its like we were stuck between two worlds. WhereContinue reading “How Did The Leo Moon Shift You?”

You Are Guided For A Reason

Trust your flow of life, even in the times it does not feel right. Trust your heart, to lead you the way. Our human minds love to stir up the ego, allow yourself to connect with your heart. To truly feel to heal, whatever that is for you and then… The freedom of BEING heartContinue reading “You Are Guided For A Reason”