Shifting in our lives can feel daunting but also exciting! Especially leaning into our own truth.

Answer The Call | Embrace the Fuckery

Answer the Call. The call from your heart, what is that? What makes you feel, true? I lean in more when life may feel in one way or another, ‘out of control’. “The Fuckery” as we playfully and lovingly describe anything completely outside of our control, that may possibly affect us, but we could shiftContinue reading “Answer The Call | Embrace the Fuckery”

Feel, To Heal | Fear Completion

When a part of our life feels completely outside of our control, it can feel like a wave of emotions. The quicker I am able to recognize what was happening, allow myself to FULLY FEEL what I need to feel and PROCESS what I am feeling – cry, laugh, scream, move my body, get creative…Continue reading “Feel, To Heal | Fear Completion”

What is your spirit animal?

What is your spirit animal? Typically, the first answer you hear or think of, is the answer. I heard Tiger. This can and will change in different circumstances and times of my life. “The tiger possesses a winning combination of strength, beauty, independence, and shrewd perception. The tiger spirit animal inspires you to become theContinue reading “What is your spirit animal?”

Feel, to Heal

The messages are pretty clear, there is some major healing happening in 2023 and I am here for it!!! These 4 cards jumped from the deck as I was shuffling. Come to Me – Attracting like a rose. Receive. Abundance. Desire.The Rose Garden – Innocence. Forgiveness. Be Gentle with yourself. The Reunion – Soul Recognition.Continue reading “Feel, to Heal”

Essential Oil Teachings with Pam

I am SO excited to share this educational mini-series with you! Join me as I share with you some of my favourite ways to enjoy the oils! Click on the video above to access the playlist for all of the current videos. WHY did I chose to do individual videos, for one of the biggestContinue reading “Essential Oil Teachings with Pam”

Surrendering and Beginning to Heal the Masculine | Pam Zmija

There is no coincidence that the sun is big bold, beautiful, bright and quite warm today! Yesterday was a pivotal day energetically. Mars went direct on Thursday, January 12th, also a significant day for us. The next day, the energy felt so raw to me. I felt challenged in so many ways, and many differentContinue reading “Surrendering and Beginning to Heal the Masculine | Pam Zmija”

The Unraveling of 2023

The feelings of release, relief, trust and compassion over the past 2-1/2 years. Reminder of the importance of using my voice, standing strong and also releasing and rather than being uncandidly raw, allowing myself to fully unleash and vulnerable. The only person that brings change to my life is me, and sometimes we are facedContinue reading “The Unraveling of 2023”