New Years Eve Message

Today, I felt a download drop in and needed to share. As you will see by the video, it completely shifts as I go and that… I am here for! 2023, yes we will still have duality of light and dark, but we also will have the high frequency to shift in and out ofContinue reading “New Years Eve Message”

No Response, Is The Response

I was just thinking about this the other day, when a life coach whose book club I participate in also shared this. “No response, is the response.” Which hit home, especially this time of year. Far too often we put so much pressure on ourselves, worrying about others, what they might think, if they willContinue reading “No Response, Is The Response”

Falling back in love with ME!

Falling back in love with myself and my space has been the biggest shift within my mental and physical health. A step I initially had no idea would be so profound. Learning of health challenges within my body and realizing that what was magnifying the pain and issues, was by filling my body with allContinue reading “Falling back in love with ME!”

Macro Nature Icicles

Embracing whatever mother nature may throw at us this winter. These beautiful pieces and more are AVAILABLE NOW for purchase 👇 Thank you for your support!

Have You Wanted To Just Know

I love learning, especially about myself, how I “work” and what makes me my best self. The unknown has always proven challenging to me, turns out this is something I am here to master in this lifetime. Makes sense why it’s something I tend to focus so much on… when I am being encouraged toContinue reading “Have You Wanted To Just Know”