Sagittarius New Moon | Nov 23/22

I find the seasons and cycles so fascinating! Also fascinating at how it can shift and change sometimes so quickly! The other night, during a call with my energy queen, seriously she is amazing and I feel SO aligned with her, Avalon explained to us that this moon is the, if it’s not completely authenticContinue reading “Sagittarius New Moon | Nov 23/22”

Invest in YOU this Black Friday!

Anyone else’s inboxes being inundated with “deal” after deal! It can be easy to get pulled in thinking you “need” this or that… when truthfully this is the time when we all begin to unsubscribe to the companies who we forgot we subscribed to and perhaps take overview of our life. This Black Friday IContinue reading “Invest in YOU this Black Friday!”

The Importance of Honoring our Mental Health | Escape into Nature

What has help pour me even more into my photography, is its like my own “getaway” from reality sometimes, in a good way of course. Regardless of what might be happening in life or in the world, when I get out with my camera… EVERYTHING else disappears. It’s me, my camera and nature. One ofContinue reading “The Importance of Honoring our Mental Health | Escape into Nature”

Macro & Landscape Nature Photos FOR SALE!

I am VERY excited to share this with you! For the first time, I am now able to offer you a simple click and buy on any image within my gallery custom for your home!!! For me, photos are not only a true expression of my own passion and creativity, to capture the moment, theContinue reading “Macro & Landscape Nature Photos FOR SALE!”

Healing and Resilience

This past month has felt really challenging… many things literally outside of *my* control, having a sense of control over me. Breaking down systems that I feel sadly stuck in… in many ways. It’s a mix of emotions. Big mix.There is such an expansive energy out there, I feel it in nature. I feel theContinue reading “Healing and Resilience”

Why I don’t teach classes!

I used to! I taught a LOT of classes, helped alot of people get these oils and holistic health products into their homes. But, if there isn’t a desire to SHIFT… You can have all the oils and holistic health products in your home and unless you WANT to shift your life, those oils andContinue reading “Why I don’t teach classes!”