Honor Going Within

Taking a break off “social” media, at times feel’s like something we have to give ourselves permission for, yet I think back my son’s lifetime and what we know now, didn’t even exist then. Surreal at times eh.

Truthfully, I now know with my energy, when something significant is happening, I need to honor myself, my energy and whatever the situation is, by going within and limiting as many distractions as possible.

There will be times we are faced with things that may not feel easy, may feel like you want to scream, honor that, honor HOW you are feeling and use courage to put that in the forefront of importance.

Did I “need” to post anything on social media, nope, but it certainly did give myself permission to step away, as I could feel myself being pulled into the distraction that is the program even more.

Although I am “only one person” I am doing whatever I can to shine a light and bring change to our crumbling health care system. Sadly with two significant and completely separate issues.

When going within I am reminded…

  • EVERYONE deserves to be respected when it comes to their health.
  • Just because a “doctor” or “health professional” tells you something, does NOT mean its the only truth – sometimes that means you stand tall stronger.
  • Use your voice – if you have been wronged in health care, do NOT just sit back and make excuses – stand up and do something about it. Demand answers, demand change and help bring in that change yourself!
  • Feeling/being angry will only affect me… and will not bring in the changes that our country desperately needs to see
  • Holistic health 100% works… we have ONLY needed “medical assistance” with broken bones and surgery! However…

Until later… but in the mean time I plan to love up my website/blog and Flickr portfolio too! ❤

Published by The Mystic Healing Artist & Intuitive - Pamela Zmija

Pam is a nature and lifestyle photographer, biz woman, number cruncher, oil lover, healer and most important, a mom and wife. She is passionate about inspiring and empowering mom’s and their families to become the true architect of their life to learn real, simple and affordable ways of positive change in their lifestyle to be healthier and happier… naturally!  Creative and conscious about the value of a dollar, Pam is driven by feeling good!   #lifestylephotographer #doTERRA #EssentialOils #YourLifeAsArtEssentials  #PCOS #MentalHealth #ADHD #ouroilylife #thehealingartist #yourlifeasart #naturephotographer

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