I Am A Healer, Yet I Am Not Healed

There is often a misconception with energy and healing, as a Healer. 1. That if you are a healer, you are forever healed. And; 2. That it’s my responsibility as a Healer, to Heal others. The 2nd misconception is one I have battled with for a very long time. Probably since I was little, beingContinue reading “I Am A Healer, Yet I Am Not Healed”

Honor Going Within

Taking a break off “social” media, at times feel’s like something we have to give ourselves permission for, yet I think back my son’s lifetime and what we know now, didn’t even exist then. Surreal at times eh. Truthfully, I now know with my energy, when something significant is happening, I need to honor myself,Continue reading “Honor Going Within”