The Last Sunday in September | 2022

Today is a beautifully energetic day on multiple levels! Its the last Sunday in September, as October is welcomed next Saturday. Today is also the Libra New Moon. It is also our 18th Wedding Anniversary. This weekend has been a reminder of the seasons changing, also where our eating shifts and changes as well. WeContinue reading “The Last Sunday in September | 2022”

The Power of Release

This can feel challenging, to be able to take a step back and truly TRUST that what needs to happen, will happen in the timeline that it is meant to. Far too often we try to push our own timeline, and although it is backed with good intention, this can cause us overwhelm and stressContinue reading “The Power of Release”

When Realization Sets In

The past few years has felt a variety of ways, for me, it’s felt like time has melded together. It’s a lump of time. Where we have literally based things off of, well had you had your 2nd surgery yet?! Oh ok the third? Had we heard back from them? Oh what are we waitingContinue reading “When Realization Sets In”

Holistic Health & Frequency | doTERRA & Healy

I am VERY excited to share this with you today! Frequency medicine has been a focus in our home for many years now and we just got a big upgrade! I am introducing you in this video to the Healy and also to the NEW doTERRA Essential Oils that were just announced at the conventionContinue reading “Holistic Health & Frequency | doTERRA & Healy”

The Doors | September Projector

I always feel I go internal this time of year. I feel so much more productive and the time spent at and in our home generally increases. I can see how when BIG emotions and feelings hit, the more I honor and just let them flow, the easier I pass through so much. I literallyContinue reading “The Doors | September Projector”

I Am A Healer, Yet I Am Not Healed

There is often a misconception with energy and healing, as a Healer. 1. That if you are a healer, you are forever healed. And; 2. That it’s my responsibility as a Healer, to Heal others. The 2nd misconception is one I have battled with for a very long time. Probably since I was little, beingContinue reading “I Am A Healer, Yet I Am Not Healed”

Honor Going Within

Taking a break off “social” media, at times feel’s like something we have to give ourselves permission for, yet I think back my son’s lifetime and what we know now, didn’t even exist then. Surreal at times eh. Truthfully, I now know with my energy, when something significant is happening, I need to honor myself,Continue reading “Honor Going Within”

Smoke & Mirrors | Live Your Truth!

Approximately 7 years ago, I was walking with my parents and my two kids along the beach at our family cottage. During our walk, we met a new family on the beach the next bay over. Beautiful family, their children were just a couple years younger than our children. As we chatted, he was happilyContinue reading “Smoke & Mirrors | Live Your Truth!”