No Opinions, Simply You

One of the “lessons” I have been learning, over and over again, really hit home with me after our kitty’s health issue. No one’s opinions matter, simply let it be you. Follow your heart, allow it to shine however it wants and needs to. It doesn’t need to make sense to anyone else, it onlyContinue reading “No Opinions, Simply You”

God Winks & Nudges | 8-8 Lions Gate Portal Prepare

Today, after a wonderful evening near water… went completely upside down. Unfortunately our kitty, was not acting herself, she seemed to be in pain, she was leaking urine (not normal) and was quite unhappy. Fortunately, our daughter picked up on this and knew something was wrong. I instantly went into mama bear cleaning mode toContinue reading “God Winks & Nudges | 8-8 Lions Gate Portal Prepare”