Cypress | The Oil of Motion & Flow

Cypress! Organizing my “back up” oils and realized I had 3 of these bottles! My soul instantly knew, that was the oil that I needed in the bathroom to remember to use everyday! Cypress is the Oil of Motion and Flow. To RELEASE control and TRUST the flow of life! I needed this oil!!! AsContinue reading “Cypress | The Oil of Motion & Flow”

Cooking With Oils | FAV Recipes [Balls, Guacamole & Stew]

I’ve mastered my energy ball recipe!!! They are SO good. After many batches of trial and error too 😉 Here it is! The BEST Energy Ball Recipe Preparing the stew for dinner… Now that I cannot have tomatoes… well let’s just say it’s interesting planning and making meals sometimes. My aunt however found me aContinue reading “Cooking With Oils | FAV Recipes [Balls, Guacamole & Stew]”

Garden Life As Art | Bee Life

Capturing my life as art… enjoying time with a few friends in our garden earlier. Just so peaceful and tranquil… even with alot of bees flying around! I’ve always been intrigued with the bee, especially how beautifully fluffy it appears to be, also the fact that it’s very gentle, minds it’s own business and doesContinue reading “Garden Life As Art | Bee Life”

Belonging to Yourself | The Power of Vulnerability & Courage

The power of vulnerability and change. Also takes… surrender! I heard a great quote by Brene Brown while listening to the video (below), “Art can save us…” “The magic of all art is the ability to both capture our pain and deliver it from us at the same time.” “Every creative knows what its likeContinue reading “Belonging to Yourself | The Power of Vulnerability & Courage”

Feel, To Heal Expansion

So many physical uses, but it’s the emotional uses that really gets me! Breathe – Oil of BreathBalance – Oil of GroundingWhisper – Oil of FemininitySiberian Fir – Oil of Aging and PerspectiveLavender – Oil of Communication and CalmOn Guard – ProtectionSerenity – TranquilityTea Tree – Energetic Boundaries Diffuser OilsSiberian Fir – Oil of AgingContinue reading “Feel, To Heal Expansion”

We Are Changing The World!

We are changing the world! How beautiful it would be, if every person chose to live their best life, treating their body and mind like the valuable treasure that it is… The world would be filled with so much love and peace. It’s happening, I can feel it, I can see it, I embrace it.Continue reading “We Are Changing The World!”


I had the privilege of being on a doTERRA leaders call this evening which announced a new product line that will be completely unveiled September 15th at doTERRA’s annual convention. Considering I have dedicated the past 8+ years to literally FEELING good, you need to actually Feel, to Heal, I am SO excited to learnContinue reading “HOW You FEEL | doTERRA MetaPWR”

The Power of Healing

Healing is incredible ✨️ It’s easy to not actually realize the absolute power of FEEL, TO HEAL. It’s pivotal in creating THE best life! Regardless of who you are, where you grew up, etc, we ALL have childhood wounds to heal. As we begin healing ourselves, the ripple affect felt forward and back is profound…Continue reading “The Power of Healing”

Full Moon Release | August 11, 2022

As I embrace this beautiful big full moon I am reminded of perspective, the power of not just vulnerability but also release. How absolutely incredible it feels to light up my own life and stand tall, proud and allow the tears to fall when needed. The intuitive Diffuser Blend for this full moon, happened quick…Continue reading “Full Moon Release | August 11, 2022”

Stand & Speak Up

This can be quite controversial and for some a no brainer. For others it hits you with this unpalatable sensation of almost feeling paralyzed in time and space. I use that word because it reflects on this feeling, fairly accurately. As someone who has stood up and taken control of her health, I am quiteContinue reading “Stand & Speak Up”