You Are Art | The Essentials is LIVE!

‘Your Life As Art’ was developed with the creation of a dream, to embrace the uniqueness of one’s self. To stand tall, in our own values and beliefs. Embrace our own uniqueness proud and ready to thrive. Embrace YOU and flourish 💗 YOUR LIFE AS ART | THE ESSENTIALS IS LIVE!

{Premiere} Your Life As Art | The Essentials

I am SO excited to share with you the first of my series of Master Classes!!! Beginning with – Your Life As Art | The Essentials Taking it back to the simplicity and ease in life – falling back in love with who you truly are while growing at incredible quantum leaps! Over the pastContinue reading “{Premiere} Your Life As Art | The Essentials”

Intuitive Blend & Frequencies

Another beautiful intuitive blend! Cleansing, purifying, uplifting and grounding! One of the reasons I love using essential oils is their incredible ability to support us physically, mentally and spiritually. Hyssop is an ancient, very powerful oil! Plant magic also has the natural boost of positive frequencies to shift the body and mind from a lowContinue reading “Intuitive Blend & Frequencies”

Full Moon In Capricorn | July 13, 2022

The deliciousness that was the night before this full moon today… happening at approx 238pm EST! It was the perfect, laid back evening. Cool for a fire, to write out releases, forgiveness, and most important Gratitude! Trusting 100% and releasing within  the flames of the fire. The card pulled yesterday… WARRIOR WOMAN!If you weren’t afraid,Continue reading “Full Moon In Capricorn | July 13, 2022”

The Alignment 💫 | Healing

The alignment! The more I lean into me, into my heart and soul… that for me is being in the flow! Life will never be perfect, we will always experience ups and downs. Much will be out of our control, where we need to take a step back and trust. Trust and also love, spreadingContinue reading “The Alignment 💫 | Healing”