Shifts, Turns & Happy Things

This past week has been transformational once again. With an event in our Chakra Mastery Academy, as well as the commencement of CA$H – Aligned Wealth with Melanie Ann Layer. Truthfully, up until the day I saw a friend and fellow energy worker post about Melanie’s invisible offer, I was intrigued to learn more, whoContinue reading “Shifts, Turns & Happy Things”

Ho’oponopono | Believe

Ho’oponopono I’m SorryPlease forgive meThank youI love you The ending of day 1 of our workshop, BELIEVE. I absolutely adore this Chakra Mastery Academy, it truly is one of its kind. There are such similarities with so many of us yet we are ALL so incredibly unique. This song ended our believe journey meditation. WhatContinue reading “Ho’oponopono | Believe”

Always Choose The Road Less Traveled

Always choose the road less traveled! Embrace the beauty of nature, the uniqueness, quiet, peace…calm I had a niggle today to go check out a local store. I’ve wanted a lounger for a while. The thought dropped in yesterday and continued to get stronger. Even before walking in the store today after work, I foundContinue reading “Always Choose The Road Less Traveled”

Sagittarius Full Moon | June 14, 2022

Beautiful Sagittarius Full Moon ritual last night after my CMA call! 🙏Forgiveness,🙏 Gratitude,🙏 Release!Celebrated it all, the good, bad and in between! Intuitive Diffuser BlendCedarwood – CommunityFennel – ResponsibilityGreen Mandarin – Pure PotentialGeranium – Love and TrustRosemary – Knowlegde and Transition Slept beautifully Some bedtime oils for a massage for the kiddos too! Community AgingContinue reading “Sagittarius Full Moon | June 14, 2022”

Start, By Trusting YOU!

This evenings diffuser blend, intuitively selected by Pam and absolutely delicious! Cleansing – LemongrassProtected Space – Lemon EucalyptusDivine Grace – ArborvitaeSelf Acceptance – Bergamot Powerful blend to energetically cleanse our aura and frequency, lean in and silence your mind, breathe deep and listen. What do you hear? As I am sitting on my deck,  listeningContinue reading “Start, By Trusting YOU!”