Strength and Steadfastness

I’ve learned, strength is very much individual. True strength is knowing when to surrender and allow yourself to be vulnerable. The energy, especially as an empath, lately has been somewhat like a roller coaster. Feeling all the feels. Good and bad. Content and overwhelmed. Happy and sad. We don’t breathe properly when our energy hasContinue reading “Strength and Steadfastness”

I CAN Flush What?!

Growing up in the family Plumbing and Heating business, this has become a “norm” for us! When the world literally shut down 2 years ago, the kids and I started an experiment! 2 years later… the jars have NEVER been opened… Question – What CAN you flush? Answer – Your bodily fluids and toiletContinue reading “I CAN Flush What?!”

Do The Work | Triggered

Doing the work will be different for every single person. What triggers me will most likely not trigger you. This past weekend I was triggered in a very big way. I think because of the fact that it was also not directly at me, that it triggered me even more. Truly details do not matter,Continue reading “Do The Work | Triggered”

Slow Saturday Mornings

Saturday mornings are for taking even more time for ME! Time is an illusion and leaning into the moment. I’ve never felt so aligned in me, with my heart and soul. I adore the diffuser blend that intuitively came through this morning. 💫 Night 💫 Light 💫 Unveiling 💫 Truth💫 Releasing Control💫 Breath💫 Discerning SomeContinue reading “Slow Saturday Mornings”

Selecting Oils with Our Dog

We have been using essential oils in our home since mid 2014. Our health, both physically and emotionally has continued to improve and also shift in a very big way since then. Our animals live in our home and have free range, yes even the bird IF she really wanted to, thankfully she stays onContinue reading “Selecting Oils with Our Dog”

Destiny Day 1

Nothing short of incredible! Still enveloped within the energy. Shifting. I can feel it. This morning, I felt compelled to pull cards before my day started. Lifting the Veil – Questioning Everything. Anything unaligned must go. Loosen Your Grip – Coping Mechanisms. Density. Addiction. Let The Good In. Double Mission – Lightworker Starseed. Serve TheContinue reading “Destiny Day 1”

Sunset and Bedtime Reflection

As I was climbing into bed, shortly after 815pm, I looked out the window and realized my timing was just perfect. 🥰 As I work to clear emotions, I have a lot coming up. Much of which is showing gratitude to my caring heart during earlier times as an empath this can be exhausting. OneContinue reading “Sunset and Bedtime Reflection”