Restful Gratitude Diffuser Blend

Restful Gratitude BlendInspired from @everydayessentials_life’s gratitude blend. This is absolutely heavenly for bedtime. Cedarwood – CommunityGinger – EmpowermentClove – BoundariesWild Orange – AbundancePetitgrain – Ancestry Journal out your gratitude in your own life, really leaning into your heart, before resting your head. ❤ Who do I want to be tomorrow? What so I get toContinue reading “Restful Gratitude Diffuser Blend”

A Weekend Well Spent, Brings A Week of Content

YUM!We were in a bit of a food funk… up and down weather, weird times… we were both just feeling pretty blah. Ah the February blah’s! We love cooking, so I’ve been hyping myself up with week with some visual reminders – the pics always catch my attention way more than just reading a recipe!Continue reading “A Weekend Well Spent, Brings A Week of Content”

Spiritual Integration | Weekend Shift & Blend

As I lean into my heart and soul, I am truly grateful for the direction. Love and strength for 2022. First up everyday, Health & Happiness ❤Mentally and PhysicallyGetting into alignment with the light, trust. Trust all unfolds as it’s meant to.Check out this mornings intuitive blend… 💫 It’s powerful and supportive of the shift.MyContinue reading “Spiritual Integration | Weekend Shift & Blend”

Soulful Integration Diffuser Blend

My heart needed some extra emotional support, so I intuitively selected this blend and was blown away at the Integration of these oils and their emotional support available. Myrrh – Oil of Mother EarthNootka – Oil of Graceful EleganceStar Anise – Oil of Soulful FemininityTulsi – Oil of Spiritual IntegrationGeranium – Oil of Love andContinue reading “Soulful Integration Diffuser Blend”

2-2-22 – Live Your Best Life

Happy 2-2-2022 Portal Day! Its like my soul was VERY excited for this day as I was up about 3 times from midnight on until my alarm went off at 530am. Typically if I an up in the middle of the night (most times to pee), It’s a delicious energy day!I’ve been feeling it sinceContinue reading “2-2-22 – Live Your Best Life”

It Will Hurt, But You Will Heal

I leaned into the energy yesterday. It’s like I was attracting various challenges… including an ibs set back on the weekend (nope no deep fried even when at home and a food I cam have), dog with sympathy digestive issues, barely any sleep (until last night), which also happens for me leading up to aContinue reading “It Will Hurt, But You Will Heal”

Life As A Caregiver

February 16th is a memorable day as its two loved ones birthdays, but also this year on February 16, 2022 its the “anniversary” of my husbands accident 16 months ago. 16 on the 16th… felt real and heavy. Although he is still on this healing journey, I wanted to take the time to reflect. BeingContinue reading “Life As A Caregiver”

Respect To Others

Someone recently said to me, “oh you wouldn’t be able to go in, you’d have to sit outside and we would throw you morsels of food”… Yup, haven’t and will not be getting the C Jab, however that shouldn’t matter to anyone else… yet it does… to many!? I simply replied that the “passport” wasContinue reading “Respect To Others”

Heart Felt Connection

Recently I re-connected with friends I haven’t “seen” in a bit… while catching up my heart sank. I truly am grateful for their friendship, for our heart felt connection and also their honesty. Of the real struggle it’s been, especially with mental health, being parents and for the children. My heart, as a parent, alsoContinue reading “Heart Felt Connection”

February – Citrus Dreams, Oils & Energy

Welcome to February! Updated Journal NOW LIVE!!!! Essential Oil Kits I would recommend… Fantastic Price Point – Aroma Essentials Kit This kit includes 5ml bottles of Peppermint, Wild Orange, Adaptiv, Balance, Cheer, Citrus Bloom, Easy Air (Breathe), Northern Escape, On Guard and Serenity along with the Lalux Diffuser for $207 Cdn and 115.6 PV. FantasticContinue reading “February – Citrus Dreams, Oils & Energy”