Canadian Winter | Snowmobiling

What better thing to do this weekend, especially Saturday… 🙌 🇨🇦 If you are new here I am VERY much for empowered Holistic health care and living. I truly follow my intuition and have been able to shift my mental and physical health in ways I have never previously been able to. I support everyone’sContinue reading “Canadian Winter | Snowmobiling”

Peace Within | The Year of Healing for All

Even before 2022 began I kept hearing “Peace Within”. I knew deep down, these were my words for 2022. Finding TRUE Peace Within. On January 3rd, 2022 I wrote in my journal “Its the year of healing for all” ❤ Life will never be “perfect”, not one person on this planet is. Check yourself ifContinue reading “Peace Within | The Year of Healing for All”

The Right People Hear You Differently |Projector

Human Design, a fabulously intriguing world to dive into to learn more about yourself and your unique ways. When I began learning about Human Design, my life changed. In so many ways. I finally felt heard, but myself. Erin Claire Jones shares some incredible tidbits of information on the various Human Design types. This oneContinue reading “The Right People Hear You Differently |Projector”

Keep Them Close | Mental Health

For those who truly value how crucial and importance our mental health is to our physical health and general wellbeing. KEEP THEM CLOSE For those who see you, hear you. KEEP THEM CLOSE For those who show compassion, understanding. KEEP THEM CLOSE For those who may not understand but are “there”. KEEP THEM CLOSE ForContinue reading “Keep Them Close | Mental Health”

It was never about the number… until now!

Have you met my dog Becker? If you have been around here for a while you probably have. It was never about the number… Until now… When it hit me the other day, I have officially lost the weight of my dog!!! 🤯 75 – SEVENTY FIVE POUNDS 🥳 In the past I haven’t beenContinue reading “It was never about the number… until now!”

Intuitive Blend for January 2022 | Oils & Energy

Happy 2022! I wish you all the best from our home and family to you and yours. In January when you order your monthly wellness box through your loyalty rewards program, when it is 125PV you will receive a free Japanese Peppermint!!! I am really excited to smell this oil and experience the difference betweenContinue reading “Intuitive Blend for January 2022 | Oils & Energy”