New Years Eve Flow

What a glorious day! Of honestly not much, but also everything 🥰! A beautiful 2 hour Yoga and Intention Workshop with @jennpike that was SO incredible! Deep gratitude 🙏 After doing some quick running around, back home to settle into a beautiful hot bath with a bath bomb and some essential oils! Elevation – JoyCypressContinue reading “New Years Eve Flow”

Closing Out 2021 – Gratitude, Healing & Peace

Peace within is my mantra for 2022! Yesterday I sat down and pulled some cards from my favourite oracle deck, Starseeds! I had the inspiration from my energy coach, Avalon, to pull 3 cards: 1. for the begin of the year, 2. for the middle and 3. for the end. Grab your fav deck andContinue reading “Closing Out 2021 – Gratitude, Healing & Peace”