Intuitive Wisdom for December – Oils & Energy

This month begins with a powerful new moon in Sagittarius with an eclipse peaking at 430am. It’s no wonder I woke shortly after 4am.

As I tune more into myself I realize how our energetic bodies work and align with with cycles of mother nature and the universe.

It’s fascinating that by planets moving, we experience energy shifts. I’m not into the science explanation of why this happens, it does and that’s so cool!

I am feeling truly grateful as we enter into this month. Christmas truly is my favourite holiday and also enjoy some more downtime as I enter into the months of hibernation! I don’t know about you but it’s been helping me have a more solid bedtime routine as it’s pitch black at 5pm!

This new moon energy feels powerful! Almost as if I’ve felt this anticipation for quite some time. A knowing.

Understanding as I learn more and more about myself every single day. Leaning in, honoring my heart and soul. After so many years of neglect. Choose to process.

Process and feel. We become numb in life by literally pushing away things we do not want to feel or “deal” with. When in turn, these ‘life lessons’ are helping guide us, teach of our life’s path and journey. Be one with you. You know the way. Your heart wants to be in charge but for so many, they push away the feelings.

As we become more numb in life, we become more predictive, more automatic or unconscious in our day to day. By not feeling.

The more we feel our emotions, our 3 brains are positively affected. The brain, as it processes information and logic, the heart, as we can feel pain that is stuck and needs to be freed and in our gut, that gut feeling when you know something isn’t right – but also the basis of our health is held there.

As I healed my digestive system I could literally feel movement that I hadn’t for many years. Years of emotional eating also contributed to this. Numb.

Trapped emotions can negatively affect us physically by creating pain that normally wouldn’t be there. As I am reading and learning about The Emotion Code it’s absolutely fascinating, and understandable how this happens!

Truthfully as I learn, as I raise my frequency and vibration, as I heal my body emotionally and physically with lifestyle and habit shifts I am even more determined as a Mom to be an example for my kids, to also model that life my not be “perfect” all of the time but we have the choice. I dhare with my kids the various energy and oil healing modalities because I want this to be a norm in their life, so that they will not grow up needing to heal from their childhood like so many have.

We know better now. It’s OK to talk about “taboo” stuff – WHO decided what is taboo and what isn’t?!

At 23, 17 years ago the doctor said to me “Infertility”… I felt SO alone. It wasn’t talked about. PCOS?! WTF is that?! Nope we don’t tall about this either. Mental health, we can talk about it to raise money but then can’t guarantee no judgment and really, they say money is invested to help people but really, is it?! More people than ever need mental health help, these things that matter to people NEED to be talked about. This is why as energy and light workers, so many more are being revealed at this time to raise the frequency of the planet.

This is partially why I created my journal and planner. Women have a LOT going on in their minds. I’ve been reminding myself more lately that it’s OK to not be a ‘multi-tasker’, this is when I recognize my body checks out. Literally. Sit down to watch a show, I literally watch a few, and pulling out my phone. I am now unconscious to both the show and my phone.

BE more conscious in life. In whatever you do. I’ve found I am SO much more productive. Also happier. Being IN the moment. Gratitude. Grace. Ease. Love. Understanding. Forgiveness. A lot of forgiveness, which is key. For myself and others.

Have you ever experienced a cord cutting meditation before? I highly recommend! This is a great way to shift your energetic connection with someone – or many people. If you feel any feelings that are foreign and do not feel like yours? Release the attachment, return to sender – whoever the emotion belongs to.

Lets chat Oils for the month of December!

These beautiful oils were intuitively selected by me and I just adore the grounding feeling and scent of this blend.

Clove – The Oil of Boundaries. I honestly do not use this blend much and I appreciate it so much more when I pull it out. This oil has powerful antioxidant properties, supports cardiovascular health and is beneficial for our oral health. As this is a spicy oil you will want to ensure you use a carrier oil if using on your skin. As a natural health product clove used in aromatherapy is supportive for muscle and joint pain as well as colds and coughs. Clove uses and benefits.

Frankincense – The Oil of Truth. This is a beautiful mild oil that has so many uses! It supports healthy cellular function, promotes feelings of relaxation and grounding, beneficial for skin care and supports healthy immune, nervous, digestive function. Frankincense uses and benefits.

Myrrh – The Oil of Mother Earth. This is a very unique oil. Another one I also do not typically use often, but am reminded of its benefits when I do. This is a powerfully cleansing oil, especially for oral care. Beneficial and soothing to the skin. Grounding and feelings of emotional balance. As a natural health product used in aromatherapy Myrrh is supportive for colds and cough, eczema and dermatitis, minor skin irritation, cuts, bruises and burns. Myrrh uses and benefits.

Myrrh is very unique. It’s almost like it starts coming out of the bottle. Then it’s very hard to open, notice the lid. Once it’s open the oil flows beautifully!

Grapefruit – The Oil of Honoring the Body. I love citrus oils and Grapefruit certainly is one! Its fresh and uplifting. A beautiful addition to the grounding oils of frankincense and myrrh. This oil is beneficial for the skin and also supports healthy metabolism. Grapefruit uses and benefits.

Wild Orange – The Oil of Abundance. One of my fav’s since I began using oils. It just smells SO good. Legit like a fresh orange ❤ This oil is also powerfully cleansing, supports healthy immune function and is beautifully uplifting to the mind and body. As a natural health product wild orange is a nervine and calmative and also offers support for digestive discomfort. Wild Orange uses and benefits.

Lemon Eucalyptus – The Oil of Protected Space. This oil has a fresh lemony smell to it. Beneficial for the skin, cleansing for surfaces and when diffused outdoors during the spring and summer could deter certain bugs! Lemon Eucalyptus uses and benefits.

Oil Savings for December!
When you place a 200PV order you will receive FREE a holiday collection of 5ml Frankincense, 5ml Myrrh and a 5ml Holiday Love. Holiday Love is an exclusive blend only available in this holiday collection.

Save 10% off of Ylang Ylang 15ml. Ylang Ylang is the Oil of the Inner Child. Depending on how you feel in the current state of the world, your soul may be drawn to this blend for its emotional uses! Many of us need to take the time to heal our inner child to be the adult we are meant to be!

Clove is our Product of the Month! When you place a 125 PV Loyalty Rewards Order by the 15th you will receive a 15ml Clove and a ceramic ornament for FREE!

To order log in at OR if you do not have an account yet get started here at I am happy to help you on this journey of holistic health and wellness.

Oracle Cards
The card selected this morning from the Moonology deck.

I truly felt like I had a very powerful morning. As I woke early – I dove into me. Began writing in my journal. Also began this blog post – which truthfully I need to go back and read because I do not remember the exact messages that came through.

Today is a powerful day for me as well. The past 10 years has provided me with opportunity to do some deep, intensive healing at various stages. I am grateful for where I am at today in my life, I am grateful for this journey, I am grateful for the healing that has happened and continues to happen. I am grateful for my planner and journal creations. I am grateful for my job and involvement in our family history but also the future as well. I am grateful for our children and the emotional and physical growth we have witnessed in them over the past two years. I am grateful for my husband and his healing journey. I am grateful for me – for recognizing the importance of focusing on me and my health first – regardless of anyone else! I am truly appreciative and grateful for this journey which yes at times has included a LOT of ups and downs. The more I get quiet and listen, the more clarity I receive.

Health, Wealth and Prosperity to you and yours XO

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Published by The Mystic Healing Artist & Intuitive - Pamela Zmija

Pam is a nature and lifestyle photographer, biz woman, number cruncher, oil lover, healer and most important, a mom and wife. She is passionate about inspiring and empowering mom’s and their families to become the true architect of their life to learn real, simple and affordable ways of positive change in their lifestyle to be healthier and happier… naturally!  Creative and conscious about the value of a dollar, Pam is driven by feeling good!   #lifestylephotographer #doTERRA #EssentialOils #YourLifeAsArtEssentials  #PCOS #MentalHealth #ADHD #ouroilylife #thehealingartist #yourlifeasart #naturephotographer

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