Be Educated & Informed | MP Derek Sloan Raises Concerns about Censorship of Doctors & Scientists

MP Derek Sloan raises concerns about censorship of doctors and scientists – June 17, 2021 I had a few people send me this video through social media. I listened to it recently and wanted to be sure to share this. A critical question we should ALL be asking is… why is it ok by theContinue reading “Be Educated & Informed | MP Derek Sloan Raises Concerns about Censorship of Doctors & Scientists”

Living with IBS | Flare Up

The more I understand my health and body, the healthier I truly am. Especially learning about the FODMAP diet to figure out what foods are actually trigger foods for me! Reality hits and one may not be thinking as clearly and this can result in a lot of pain… which is what happened to meContinue reading “Living with IBS | Flare Up”

The Smoothie

I was “that” person… nope do not like smoothies, will not eat them, not going to try, hard no. Last week, I realized we had berries in the fridge that needed to be eaten… knowing they weren’t fresh like a few days prior I thought of a nice summer evening strawberry daiquiri type drink. ItContinue reading “The Smoothie”

A Radical Awakening

This pretty much sums up the last year + of my life, but honestly for sure the past 10 years. As a young, newly married woman wanting to start a family. I wanted nothing more than to be a mama, but also enjoy that balance between being a working mama who still has time forContinue reading “A Radical Awakening”

Our Gut Health and Trauma

Don’t be ashamed of your trauma. I really enjoy listening to podcasts (aka you tube videos) while working or doing housework. It totally helps pass the time, I am SO much more productive and learning all the while 😉 This was one of my video’s from today. I found it truly inspiring about the importanceContinue reading “Our Gut Health and Trauma”