Honor Your Feelings | Oily Support

Week 3 Day 3 DONE!!!I LOVE working with weights haha waaaay more than cardio 😂 Mid day I was feeling off, energy felt off, woke up way too early today and didn’t get back to sleep. My top strength is Futuristic… sometimes this can work against me thinking too much into the future… especially asContinue reading “Honor Your Feelings | Oily Support”

Outside of the Norm

Tonight’s Bedtime Diffuser BlendIntuitively selected. This is the first time I’ve used Peppermint at bedtime. I am thinking relating thoughts! Peppermint – Bouyant HeartCedarwood – CommunityTangerine – SpontaneityPetitgrain – Anceatry Another heavy day for parents and children in Ontario. Whatever your situation is, I send you love.♥️ It’s time for a healthy re-build after overContinue reading “Outside of the Norm”

Find Peace Amongst The Chaos

Find peace amongst the chaos! Peace within me first and then my home. It gets worse before it gets better, right. A lot of the time yup. Think about where you started in your journey, chances are you were “worse” then, than you are now, if you have stayed the course. A weekend reno projectContinue reading “Find Peace Amongst The Chaos”

Follow Your Heart | It Knows The Way

Many years ago I would hear about using your intuition or following your heart. I would always question that, simply because I was hurt so many times. How could I trust my heart, when it was broken repeatedly and felt led astray. I then began learning the importance of getting quiet and going within. SomethingContinue reading “Follow Your Heart | It Knows The Way”

Its Time To Lean In

As an empath, I have learned that I am sensitive to energy. Which this morning felt so very heavy. Even before getting ready this morning, I pulled out my travel oil collection and began applying Adaptiv, Beautiful, Past Tense and Tea Tree. Aroma’s are something that I have aligned with, I can smell something andContinue reading “Its Time To Lean In”

I send you love

I am sending love to all. ♥️ Regardless of your stance on what our current state of the world is, it truly saddens me to know the division that is being created. Today, the energy felt heavy. More unknowns, uncertainty, unfairness. Amazing people forced to close their business, their source of income. As someone whoContinue reading “I send you love”

Who Is The One Person

Let’s chat about body image for a moment… I caught myself this evening during my workout looking in the mirror shaming myself for the weight around my tummy. Feeling – for a moment – that this wasn’t working. Why is it so easy to sink back, to quickly find faults within ourself and criticize. TheContinue reading “Who Is The One Person”

Trust The Energy & Celebrate Your Wins

The energy felt off this afternoon.Actually, thinking back… I purposely started the diffuser in our kitchen  before leaving for work… with On Guard, the oil of Protection. This afternoon, I even began getting a bit of a headache. I was on point with my water, more actually today, to help flush out and balance myContinue reading “Trust The Energy & Celebrate Your Wins”

Sunday Check In | Oils, Energy & Balls

My Sunday Weekly Check In!With who? ME!!! It’s been a great long weekend, aside from the bullshittery that is Ontario at this moment.I am SUPER stoked for my ongoing progress!!!The bra is one clasp tighter now too!!!Can I be totally vulnerable for a moment…One of my “excuses”, actually more like a fear… I had beenContinue reading “Sunday Check In | Oils, Energy & Balls”