A Few of My Fav’s | Mental Health

Mental health has become an important part of every day. 🥰 Especially in 2020 and even more last October. Feeling the feelings. Letting go of pressures of the to-do list and trusting in the process and Divine timing! I’m really enjoying being into reading again. I may not be the fastest reader at the moment,Continue reading “A Few of My Fav’s | Mental Health”

Oils & Energy | Embrace the Shift

Happy Friday Reminder ✌🥰 From one empath to another, this has been a bit of a wild ride but it’s so worth it. Honestly, this last full moon, the energy was intense, extremely intense. There is major energy shifts happening for a lot of people, growth, facing past shadows and releasing pain. Allowing to feelContinue reading “Oils & Energy | Embrace the Shift”