A Few of My Fav’s | Mental Health

Mental health has become an important part of every day. 🥰 Especially in 2020 and even more last October. Feeling the feelings. Letting go of pressures of the to-do list and trusting in the process and Divine timing! I’m really enjoying being into reading again. I may not be the fastest reader at the moment,Continue reading “A Few of My Fav’s | Mental Health”

Oils & Energy | Embrace the Shift

Happy Friday Reminder ✌🥰 From one empath to another, this has been a bit of a wild ride but it’s so worth it. Honestly, this last full moon, the energy was intense, extremely intense. There is major energy shifts happening for a lot of people, growth, facing past shadows and releasing pain. Allowing to feelContinue reading “Oils & Energy | Embrace the Shift”

The Downside of Being an Empath

Sometimes as an Empath we not only feel energy, really easy, we also live a very authentic, real, ethical life. Which can feel very challenging when you have dealings with people who clearly are not. Working in business, I have found this to be one of my most challenging aspects of my “job” when peopleContinue reading “The Downside of Being an Empath”

Mourning Family | Still Living

As we approach Mothers Day 2021, I am reminded of last year. Easter, spent alone and then Mother’s Day. I remember going to our parents house and saying how much I did NOT care what the Government was saying what we could and couldn’t do. My husband, kids and I stopped to see my MomContinue reading “Mourning Family | Still Living”

Super Full Moon in Scorpio | April 26, 2021

As an empath, I feel the energy of my surroundings strongly. Especially working with others, whether in person, over the phone or email. There is an energetic exchange. Thankfully 99% of those exchanges are positive experiences, albeit still I truly see the benefits to solidifying a beautiful morning routine block to ground myself heading intoContinue reading “Super Full Moon in Scorpio | April 26, 2021”

Don’t Just Open Another Tab

Alot of time when I am on instagram and see a swipe up link that I am interested in, I open it in a new tab, to go back and read later. In becoming more purposeful with my time and energy, this evening when I was viewing something I was interested in, I opened itContinue reading “Don’t Just Open Another Tab”

Step Into Nature

I knew on Friday that either a Full Moon or New Moon was coming up. The full moon is tomorrow. My energy has been slightly off. My body was physically tense and I gave myself permission to take the weekend ‘off’. Exercising and daily movement of my body, honestly this is new to my routine.Continue reading “Step Into Nature”

Lean In

My gratitude towards these oils grows every single day. I am reminded daily of the power of nature. My husband’s ankle is still healing. Yes, still! I’m not the only one feeling this 6+ month journey. However, I do also know very well the power of the body to heal, which happens with time, patienceContinue reading “Lean In”