Bursts of Flavour – Home Cooking | Cuisine Blends

Our essential oils are a staple in our home for our every day living, physical and mental health AND cooking! The depth of flavour of essential oils is outstanding! Plus they last so much longer than dried spices! Packed full of flavour. This Christmas, as part of the holiday promotions, doTERRA released three Cuisine BlendsContinue reading “Bursts of Flavour – Home Cooking | Cuisine Blends”

Online Safety | Instagram/FB IS Spying on Us

I used to be a big online social activist, it “brought people together”, “helped to stay connected”… False! Especially where “social media” is concerned… This has happened to me more than a few times, however being much more consciously aware I took a screen shot of what I saw after what had happened. Back upContinue reading “Online Safety | Instagram/FB IS Spying on Us”

Penning Your Reality | Daily OM

Earlier this week I mentioned to my husband about getting somethings done at home this weekend, including some down time for all of us to recharge. Interestingly enough I read my horoscope this morning, “Penning Your Reality” and it was completely aligned with my evening and weekend plans 😉 “Today may be the start ofContinue reading “Penning Your Reality | Daily OM”

The Book To Read | 2020 Wrap-Up

This evening as I returned home from work, I prepared to enjoy a nice hot bath with my salts, oils and a book! I started Master of You on the weekend, but was pulled to pick up this one tonight. As I looked at the book, questioning why not Master of You (which is amazing,Continue reading “The Book To Read | 2020 Wrap-Up”

The Common Denominator

As I have been much more conscious about the foods I eat, drinks I drink and products we use within our home, I am also more conscious about figuring out WHY I may feel the way I feel in any given situation. The common denominator and also keeping in mind that actions have consequences. SinceContinue reading “The Common Denominator”

Fear From What?

I continue to be amazed the more I learn about how connected our physical and emotional health is intertwined with our energy. I originally began writing this post back on April 20, 2018. My son has seen our local holistic chiropractor a few times last year (2017). He asked me if he could go backContinue reading “Fear From What?”

Our Holistic Lifestyle Shift

Life is always a work in progress. At least that’s my belief. No ones life is absolutely perfect, but it’s perfectly ours, continually learning everyday! I’ve found deep inspiration this fall and winter from Cate Stillman with her book Body Thrive and the one I am just getting into Master of You! I have alsoContinue reading “Our Holistic Lifestyle Shift”

Being An Empath In The Real World

The real world means at times dealing with negative or un-authentic people. Something that can be truly challenging as an Empath. My job is 9.8/10 dealing with truly amazing people. The other 2% can truly ruin my day and this is something I am being much more conscious and purposeful about. Over the years IContinue reading “Being An Empath In The Real World”