Can you feel the magic?

Look for the light and magic in everyday.

Sometimes we don’t feel it, or its a dark and dreary day out, harder to get moving – Im totally leaning into that today. Do I have things to do, yup. Have I accomplished some, yup. Do I feel I am doing what my body needs, definitely! Its in these moments that I remind myself, to go with the flow. Honestly, resistence can be healthy, if you feel resistance honor yourself. Today my body needed more sleep, so I honored that. I still honored my waking and having a morning routine, opting for a nap later.

Photography allows unique individual expression, in any moment and subject. Which is why I find this passion so intriguing. While looking back through photos from September, I found this beauty. I plan to have it printed on canvas BIG for my office. The colours and orbs are something I previously overlooked.

Sometimes the magic is right in front of us, and sometimes it takes some discovery, a journey <3!

Chakra Colours

Crown – Purple

Third Eye – Blue

Throat – Light Blue

Heart – Green

Solar Plexus – Yellow

Sacral – Orange

Root – Red

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