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I am greatly appreciative of an opportunity that has been presented to us this year, that is getting truly in touch within. One way I love doing that is through Oracle cards. I really like Colette Baron Reid’s online oracle cards!

My messages today, feel very much inline ❤ I am grateful for these reminders with appreciation and gratitude for life and all within XO. This morning I enjoyed waking before my alarm, having time to be. Oiled myself up with Magnolia, Neroli and Rose and put Peppermint, Wild Orange and Rosemary in the diffuser – this combination instantly wakes up my brain! My morning routine is one that is still a work in progress, but I am reminded of how peaceful my day starts when the night before I do my evening routine AND the next morning also my morning ME routine. Express myself in my Daily Greatness Journal, enjoy deep breathing, pull out my journal if I need to allow my heart to flow.


Essential meanings: Endurance; strength; the long haul.

The Oracle’s Message: To bring your dream to life, you must think long-term and pay no attention to the fluctuations in the current of your experience. Joy and disappointment commingle with opportunities, so there is no need to fear the occasional obstacle. Life is not a sprint. This card is a reminder that you have endurance, strength, and fortitude to carry you all the way, so remain true to yourself. Your authenticity alone will keep you in alignment with the energy of miracles. What is yours will never be withheld from you. Remember that!

Relationship message: You either are in or are calling in a harmonious relationship that can stand the test of time. For better or worse, as you ride the ups and downs—and even strain, break yourself, and are remade in new growth—you are being redeemed by the power of regeneration. Harmony does not mean there will never be a wrong note played but that the relationship is marked by endurance and dedication to overall unity. A new song can be written, an instrument can be tuned, and the symphony of love will play on. Listen with your heart. Isn’t it magnificent?

Prosperity message: Your most precious dreams are not about instant gratification but enduring prosperity. This is a time to think long-term and engage in continued action. You will experience building momentum as you manage the ebb and flow in slow and steady movement forward. Your efforts, concepts, ideas and hard work now can lead to greater riches than you can imagine. Stoke the fire so that an uninterrupted stream of energy is available to support you in all the phases of manifestation. Be assured that you are in the right place right now.


Essential meanings: Forgiveness; making amends; healing after arguments.

Protection message: Heartbreak is a strange healer of souls. Our grief strips away our masks and loosens our tight hold on our separateness, where we view ourselves as “I” and the world as “it.” Loss allows us to see ourselves as part of a larger scheme, opening us up to sympathy, empathy, and dependence on the world in the moment when we can’t hold ourselves together. And it leads us to become one with the greater whole again. Pain and suffering is part of life, and none of us will be immune to it. Can you see this loss, this pain, this dissonance, as a way back to Source? Let your sorrow break your heart wide open. You will never be left behind. You are loved—now more than ever—by Spirit, who does not want you to feel alone. One day you will look back and know this truth.


Essential meanings: Perspective; objectivity; neutral observation from a distance.

The Oracle’s Message: Most of us see the world through a personal lens. We closely identify with our feelings and experiences—so much so that we come to believe that these are the only reality. There are times when we need distance in order to gain perspective and understand our circumstances from a more neutral vantage point. Now is one of those times in your life. This is a perfect moment for you to begin to do some exploring. Instead of only considering yourself, consider what you need to understand about the conditions, people, culture, and environment you’re engaged with now. You’ll be so happy you did. Illumination is the miracle you seek and will indeed find.

Relationship message: Sometimes you just can’t see the forest for the trees in your way. Feelings can get all jumbled up, and often you hear one thing when a person says another. It can be like hearing an echo of an unresolved past experience overdubbed onto your conversation. Take time out before you react. It’s likely the other person has no idea how their words have affected you. Rather than just reacting, take a few steps back and lend understanding to the situation. Have faith in your connection and trust that you can come together. Take to higher ground now and become curious about what you observe in yourself, in others, and in the landscape. You will see things much improved sooner than you know.

Prosperity message: It is an advantageous time for you to get some distance from what you’re doing and see your work and your projects from a different perspective. The trick is to connect to the essence of your goals and aspirations and let the form and timing be dictated by Spirit. You may be too personally attached to an outcome and can’t see the miracle because it’s not turning out exactly as you planned. Trust Spirit. The perfect version of your abundance is right in front of you. Remain neutral and curious, and watch the miracle unfold.

Source – Colette Baron Reid – Wisdom of the Oracle

Check out the link above to enjoy your own personalized card pull 🙂

Sometimes rough waters lead to peaceful paddles – Pamela Zmija

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