10 Affirmations For Growth

I felt inspired to write my own affirmations for growth.

During this time in the world, there is so much uncertainty, unknown, and unfortunately fear.

When we are able to align in love with our life, wherever that may be for each of us, we are able to live a much more prosperous, healthy and happy life – whoever we each are!

Pamela Zmija – 10 Affirmations for Growth

If these affirmations resonate with you, I urge you to get quiet, reflect on them and write you own. For each of us is truly on our own journey.

I honestly found inspiration to write these, though affirmations shared by someone else. After reading her list, I shifted to write affirmations that resonated with my heart! Thank you Kim Fitzpatrick for the inspiration!

We are always growing and learning! 💕🙏🥰

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