Sunday Morning On The Deck

Beautiful morning on the deck!
It’s not even finished yet and I am LOVING our new space! A space that we went back and forth on many times, was it worth it, did we really need it… what it all came down to was me and my “worry” and fear of spending more money. Should we pull it back, do something different, did we really need a “bigger” bedroom, did we really need to do any of this… then one day I finally said enough! We had been working on our home plans for years, had even considered selling and building, yet much of what we were looking at was very similar to what we had, just with our own tweaking after living in our space. Just over a year ago, I leaned in even more. All in Divine timing. What’s meant to happen, will happen. Just trust in the process. Let go of trying to control the timeline. When inquiring about a permit for Spring 2020, our current permit was issued and although at the time I was feeling stressed beyond belief, I am SO thankful! Had we waited until this year, I can honestly say I doubt we would have moved forward with our plans. I could have fallen into that fear and worry mindset-which is exactly what hit me when the “pandemic” was announced. In reality, yes its added time to our mortgage, yes it’s been stressful at times, BUT its money and time WELL spent on our home. I am feeling SO grateful for our custom-to-us nest 🙏😍🏡! When you think you’ve leaned in to yourself, lean in a little more! Push past the ego and into your true self 💕 You are worth it! Let go of all fear! 🙌

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