Everything is Meditation

I am on day 14 in Gabby Bernstein’s 21 Day Meditation Challenge. This morning when I looked up the meditation, I initially was annoyed. There wasn’t a meditation to listen to… Reading this I am thinking, WTF Gabby, you are supposed to be trying to help us calm our minds even more and in theContinue reading “Everything is Meditation”

Be The Light

As you SHINE with more LIGHT and AUTHENTICITY… SEEING the LIGHT in others becomes EASIER too! I had an awesome zoom call last night. An opportunity that I totally feel I was gifted and am grateful for. With a woman who’s photographs and life journey I have been enjoying over the years and who isContinue reading “Be The Light”

The Investment of Getting Healthy

Getting healthy and staying healthy is an investment in your health. I can admit, Im like many others who has limiting belief’s of my own that used to hold me back. “I can’t do it”, “I wont loose the weight”, “I would have to give up ‘good’ food”… “I will have to spend money onContinue reading “The Investment of Getting Healthy”

Sunday Morning On The Deck

Beautiful morning on the deck!It’s not even finished yet and I am LOVING our new space! A space that we went back and forth on many times, was it worth it, did we really need it… what it all came down to was me and my “worry” and fear of spending more money. Should weContinue reading “Sunday Morning On The Deck”

My Life As Art

I’ve been feeling a bit more on edge lately. With school recently announced that its over for this school year, I am feeling grateful, but also very conscious of what that means for our kids in a totally different way. I have read of the new CDC Guidelines for re-opening a school and it makesContinue reading “My Life As Art”

Mother’s Day 2020

A mothers day that will go down in history. Also one where I have such conflicting feelings. An abundance of love and compassion for the 2 beautiful children I have been gifted. Through the trials and tribulations of infertility they truly are my greatest gifts and best accomplishments in my life. My heart is alsoContinue reading “Mother’s Day 2020”

Creating Better Habits

I genuinely want to create better habits for myself. In all honesty, as our home is nearing completion, I amrralizing how important transforming our space was. At times I recognize that I allow emotions to dictate my day. Those emotions are typically triggered by something, lack of sleep, digestive issues, stress/worry/anxiety, people. Its ME holdingContinue reading “Creating Better Habits”