What’s The Story

This weekend we ate really well! Well thought out meals and very delicious! We enjoyed, perhaps a bit too much πŸ˜‰ but it was so good!

This morning no one felt like eating, totally fine and not out of the ordinary in our house.

I was about to start decluttering the office when it hit me… you need to eat! If I don’t listen, this is when my energy can drastically drop and I feel a variety of bad things! So no excuses, into the kitchen for something to eat!

As I walked in I noticed the bananas sitting in the bowl, who I’ve told for the past 4 days… banana bread tomorrow ok.

I pulled out the recipe book, mixer and ingredients and just started. Half way through my husband walked in and had a puzzled look on his faceπŸ€”… how I went from getting something to eat to baking banana bread 🍌🍞!

Not out of the norm though either πŸ˜‰ Kind of like when I start decluttering and find one thing in one room that should be in another and then find something out of place in that room, you know how it goes.

As I was making the banana bread (and eating last nights left overs) it hit me that I didn’t even think twice about baking, I just started.

What’s the story you tell yourself?

Me and recipes typically is “I don’t have time…” or “Its too complicated” or “it makes too much of a mess”. Partly why I really don’t use recipes I just cook, my husband is very much the same.

Because I THINK too much about it vs just DOING it!

Which is what I did today. Just start it, clean up as I went and now the kitchen is clean and the bread is almost done πŸ€—!

This quarantine has helped us redirect our focus to home, where the ❀ is for sure! We have an abundance of time in the evening and weekends (as we have both been working still πŸ™) we haven’t had this great of a kitchen cooking and cleaning automatic routine since I think… ever!

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