Anxiety Relief Workshop with Gabby

I had the opportunity to listen to this wonderful workshop this afternoon with Gabby Bernstein about relief for our anxiety during these uncertain times! Gabby provided us with 6 tools in addition to meditation that can be helpful during these times when our anxiety is higher and there is so much unknown circulating throughout the world.

Before I began the webinar workshop I got myself grounded by applying Balance Essential Oil to my wrists and chest as well as the back of my neck. I also applied Wild Orange Essential Oil to my wrists. Balance is one of my key oils we use in our home daily, it was one of my first oils I was introduced to and still one of my favourites for feeling grounded. Wild Orange is incredibly uplifting and I also find it very calming. I personally (and my family) find citrus oils to be beautifully relaxing vs say Lavender, which most people naturally lean to. Either way – whatever you find grounding, uplifting, lean into that! I listened to the FREE Positive Energy Affirmation Meditation and I was ready to lean in and listen! ❤

I asked Gabby’s permission to share my own personal notes with you about the webinar. I also included the link so you too can get registered and listen to this at 8pm TONIGHT!!! If you are unable to listen tonight, get registered so you can receive the recording and links! Click on the Register link below! Once you are registered and you have access to the webinar workshop and also be able to download your FREE Meditation! YES you have time to meditate, especially now my friends XO!

Gabby Bernstein – Anxiety Relief Workshop Webinar & Meditation

Register –

“We can change our experience, of our experiences.” ~ Gabby Bernstein

  1. Voo Chanting
    • Vibrational lower belly sound that stimulates your vagus nerve to shut down your over stimulated nervous system so you can relax. I get that!!! I am feeling that in a very big way.
    • Benefits – physical sensation of the vibration of the sound, tingling sensation possibly felt in the body, inner sense of security and orient us in the here and now. Trauma Therapist Peter Levine – has a book.
    • Make a VOO sound – vibration stimulation of the belly
    • Inhale slowly, hold your breath, then when exhaling say VOOOO
    • Allow your breath to fully exhale and pause
    • Practice several times – repeated 5 or 6 times.
    • That felt really good! I feel SO much lighter. Awesome thank you! I used this technique again this afternoon after going to get grocery’s and it helped put me back into that zen balanced state I was in after the webinar!
  2. Jyutsu – the art of releasing tension
    • Chronic pain of any kind can benefit from this practice
    • This will help regulate your nervous system to balance the body, mind and spirit
    • Two holds – can do for 2 – 10 min and can use the moment you feel anxiety
    • Right hand over your forehead and left hand over your heart
    • Then right hand over your stomach and left hand keep on your heart
    • Both holds – breathe normally and with your eyes closed
    • I have practiced this before in various meditations, but did not realize this is what it was called. It was so very calming as well, especially after Voo.
  3. EFT – Tapping – Emotional Freedom Technique
    • Relax and restore our energy field
    • I am feeling anxious and out of control – 7
    • Tap on various points on your body
    • Feeling 4 or 5 now
    • Now a 2
    • I am safe.
    • I love tapping. As odd as it sounds and looks, it really does shift energy. This tapping exercise was very enjoyable. Gabby stops 1/2 way through so you can rate how you are feeling and then again afterwards. We hold so much power within our own body and mind!
  4. Cognitive Behavioural Tool
    • Choose again method – Super Attractor
    • Talk our way out of that monkey mind – obsessive thoughts – especially the unknown, the economy, job, food, etc
    • Give permission to regulate your thoughts and bring back
    • Step 1 – Recognize where you feel the pain or discomfort and why you are feeling it
    • What is the fear I have on repeat and where do I feel it – Unknown and in my chest
    • Step 2 – Forgive yourself for having that thought
    • Even if you are a spiritual person – everyone experiences these feelings and thoughts – recognize and return to love
    • “A thought that you keep thinking becomes a belief” – Abraham Hicks
    • That thought is not who I am – I forgive myself – takes the pressure away
    • Step 3 – Choose again
    • Reach for the next best feeling or thought
    • Helps get back into a state of peace
    • Think of thoughts that make you feel good to help yourself rise up
    • Use this tool so it becomes second nature – when you are in the moment you catch yourself, forgive and move to the next best thought!
    • I am a big fan of Super Attractor, reading about choosing again makes such divine sense, honestly. Everyone feels’ what they feel, we may have a negative or bad experience its natural to need to feel whatever way! Energy needs to flow in our body and when we think bad thoughts it can feel really heavy, thats the best way to describe how I feel, my shoulders can get tense, tight jaw, that uneasy feeling in the gut – sometimes we can feel this so often we really don’t know what it feels like to feel good – I had this with my health for years. Part of my journey to be gluten free – wow I can feel this good. Also easy to flip that to saying to myself “OMG if you would have just listened years ago…”. We cannot change the past, deal with it however appropriate and move forward. Including forgiving yourself. So important. The more we love ourselves, the lighter we feel, the happier and healthier.
  5. Peripheral Vision
    • Choose a focal point to stare at
    • Slowly then expand your focus out
    • Breathing slowly while taking in your surroundings
    • When overwhelmed and stressed can force us to single in our focus, we need to pull back and experience our peripheral vision again – YES this is so very true!
    • Whenever possible focus on the big picture. The current global crisis is projected a lot of fear onto all of us. One of which is toilet paper, which still is not available at our local small town grocery store, they sell out every order!? Guys, why!? Big picture – what is that much toilet paper going to do for you? Hoarding is not healthy. This is not focusing on the big picture. The grocery store today was well organized and flowing. It still felt weird. I had to remind myself the big picture. This is short term, people will not be wearing gloves to the grocery store forever. It does though remind us how wonderful it is to slow down. The grocery store was not packed, the parking lot about 1/4 full, unlike any week day I had been by. They reminded of social distancing, had line up markers. It didn’t feel rushed packing groceries either. So as weird as this is, I was able to find a sense of calm in the moment by looking at the big picture.
  6. Meditation for Kids
    • Time – 41:25
    • Mudra and Mantra – fingers and thumbs
    • “Peace Begins With Me”
    • Start with the pointer finger touching the thumb and then middle, then ring, then pinky with each word that you say you touch a different finger.
    • Try saying it, thumb to pointer finger – Peace Begins With Me, then middle to thumb, Peace Begins With Me – then ring finger to thumb – Peace Begins with Me, then pinky to thumb – Peace Begins With Me.
    • I said this a few times, starting faster and as I said it, I could feel myself slowing down to a beautiful natural pace.
  7. Meditation
    • Meditate regularly
    • Meditations to calm an anxious mind – gift of the free meditation when you sign up!

Allow yourself and your body to FEEL what you are going through, allow the emotions to flow through you. Rather than letting the emotions and energy getting stuck in your body. By releasing the energy you can allow your body to heal.  

“These 7 tools help you to get out of the flight, fight or freeze mindset” – Gabby

Published by The Mystic Healing Artist & Intuitive - Pamela Zmija

Pam is a nature and lifestyle photographer, biz woman, number cruncher, oil lover, healer and most important, a mom and wife. She is passionate about inspiring and empowering mom’s and their families to become the true architect of their life to learn real, simple and affordable ways of positive change in their lifestyle to be healthier and happier… naturally!  Creative and conscious about the value of a dollar, Pam is driven by feeling good!   #lifestylephotographer #doTERRA #EssentialOils #YourLifeAsArtEssentials  #PCOS #MentalHealth #ADHD #ouroilylife #thehealingartist #yourlifeasart #naturephotographer

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