All The People

I can admit it with a great big happy heart that although I have times I can appear extroverted, I am 100% an introvert!

Beautiful sunny day, my daughters birthday and we took a trip to the city to the mall and costco…


Don’t get me wrong, we had a great day, wonderful company, alot of fun and laughs… but yes lots of people!

Before we left I prepared with our all natural On Guard Hand Sanitizing Mist. This isn’t because of the fear being currenty spread about the latest illness going around, it’s because it’s what we use in our home all the time instead of the typical hand sanitizer you see everywhere, that stuff I personally do not recommend or use. I’ve personally had many issues with my health with endocrine disrupting chemicals and have had amazing success at switching to a holistic lifestyle, so this is what we use and recommend! Natures best đź’«

Happy to be home, lathered up in some of my fav oils, interesting because I’m really not a floral person but these totally calm me, and chillaxin! I truly am a rural girl at heart, always have been always will be ✌💗!

Rose over my heart, Neroli up and down my inner arms, magnolia on my jaw line and neck, jasmine behind my ears.
Added Amavi to the roller mix down my neck and then Sandalwood and Tangerine to the diffuser!

For my oil lovers out there let me share the emotional uses behind these oils. Truthfully though I do not remember all their emotional uses, I go for what I am drawn to and honestly its always bang on!

  • Amavi – The Oil of Balanced Masculine Energy
  • Jasmine – The Oil of Sexual Purity & Balance
  • Magnolia – The Oil of Compassion
  • Neroli – The Oil of Shared Purpose & Partnership
  • Rose – The Oil of Divine Love
  • Sandalwood – The Oil of Sacred Devotion
  • Tangerine – The Oil of Spontaneity

Source – Essential Emotions 8th Edition


Published by The Mystic Healing Artist & Intuitive - Pamela Zmija

Pam is a nature and lifestyle photographer, biz woman, number cruncher, oil lover, healer and most important, a mom and wife. She is passionate about inspiring and empowering mom’s and their families to become the true architect of their life to learn real, simple and affordable ways of positive change in their lifestyle to be healthier and happier… naturally!  Creative and conscious about the value of a dollar, Pam is driven by feeling good!   #lifestylephotographer #doTERRA #EssentialOils #YourLifeAsArtEssentials  #PCOS #MentalHealth #ADHD #ouroilylife #thehealingartist #yourlifeasart #naturephotographer

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